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November 24th, 2014

Zaaf Collection – Indulgence and Luxury – Bags made in Ethiopian

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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We have been hearing about this brand for a little while now and was excited to hear that our friends over at Styled by Africa are selling their brands via their online story. So here we present to you our readers the company ZAAF™ .

ZAAF™ is a word that means “tree” in the ancient and noble Amharic language and is a collection of handcrafted luxury leather handbags and accessories produced by artisans in Ethiopia. Each piece is made to exacting standards and showcases beautiful craftsmanship and natural resources unique to the region it draws its’ inspiration from.

Born in a remote village in the Ethiopian province of Wollo, ZAAF’s creative designer, Abai, reflects deep influences that span from the countryside to the capitals of the world where she has lived and studied. Her life journey has taken her from an orphanage in Addis Ababa to the United States and the rest of the world, and back to Ethiopia. She is committed to using her background in economics and fine arts to create unique and practical expressions of beauty, and to open avenues of opportunity for talented artisans in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

Their SS15 collection is rightly titled “Indulgence in Heritage Living”. ZAAF™ products are made from the finest materials beautifully integrated with ageless patterns created on traditional looms. Their designs draw upon precious cultural relics and allow them renewed expression through fresh, uplifting, modern designs. Colour, texture, and form merge to create a discrete statement of elegance and practicality for those who are at home in the world.


ZAAF™ believes in exercising a very high standard for goods and products sourced from Ethiopia to produce a distinct statement of sophistication and functionality for their customers.

ZAAF’s SS 2015 collection is a lifestyle that recognizes brilliance in craftsmanship and artistry. ZAAF’s creations see their genesis in a process of meticulous excellence that exists in each and every step of their fashioning. Each piece draws its inspiration from a particular region, and is crafted with the finest materials that come from natural resources unique to the latter. Color, texture, and ageless patterns made on a traditional loom, are beautifully merged to create a discrete statement of elegance and practicality that reflect those same characteristics of those who are at home in the world. This translates into a product that is a reflection of its owner; a wonderfully constructed, lavish creation that exudes brilliance.

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See more here:

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  1. Love ZAAF Bags! The quality and craftsmanship is undeniable. Every gal needs a ZAAF bag in her collection! Purchase ZAAF bags here:

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