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June 20th, 2018

YOUR African Fashion Business Coach – Here to help you WIN!


  • You’re a fashion business owner.
  • You desire to expand your African sourcing strategy and don’t know how to make it happen.
  • You feel overwhelmed with where to produce in Africa and not knowing whom to work with.
  • You feel lost in finding reliable partners to work with in Africa
I am Jacqueline Shaw and I certainly DO understand your struggles and that ultimately you seek to produce in Africa and impact lives there too.

I know you just don’t understand the fashion business landscape in general.

You’ve got amazing ideas and a passion to build a business in Africa but you simply need  support on sourcing & production in Africa?

Don’t do this alone?
Your African Fashion Business Coach is here to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Your Journey

Using an easy, memorable six step roadmap, I will take you on journey that will
  • help you to cut time and cost
  • help you with identifying the best route to take your business
  • help you create a business that sits in alignment with your life today
  • help you build impact in Africa whilst you are creating the life you want and doing the work that excites you everyday to work on
  • provide you with up to date and relevant industry information and advice gained from over 15years industry experience plus setting up my own made in Africa business

My SME business clients are…

  • Stepping out of corporate work in the “western” work and stepping into the African landscape,
  • Setting up business ON the continent
  • Spreading the message I give them about #TheAfricanMarket #AnAfricanOpportunity and #AfricaFashionsFuture to their networks in Europe, USA, Australasia and Japan (yes … I get clients based all over the world … literally!)
  • Building income for talented and amazing African Artisans and designers through their online businesses
  • Creating freedom-based lifestyles

What they are saying:

Tameka says: “Absolutely brilliant..and so well captured…you are amazing to work with and best sourcing consultant I’ve worked with… I am glad to be sourcing with someone of your extreme expertise..”
“…so happy to be working with you on my goals…”
After Anella’s first coaching session she said it was “tremondously helpful” 
She sees “the value in the full package process”.
She was left to “feel very excited, feel more organised in terms of my thoughts and I’m excited to keep going with this. It is a step back in the right direction”.

Why NOW is key?

You have the power to change the entire trajectory of your life TODAY.
You are never going to feel ready. It’s never going to be less scary. But, everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side.
You can have a thriving business that allows you to make both income and impact. I’ll lead you and give you the tools to do so with the know how.
This is FOR YOU if:
You are ready to make your dreams a reality and see the benefit of working with an experienced consultant and business coach in African Fashion
You have a vision
You have determination and enough drive to see it through to fruition
You recognise the importance of investing in your goals.
This is NOT for you if:
You are not ready to put in the hard work
You have other things happening in life that will distract (note that life will always offer you things that will distract you)
You are not in the place to invest in your dream
It will be tough. It will be challenging. But it will get you there. Winning in your vision, goals and dreams BUT with direction, strategy

What next?

I’ve got you and can CERTAINLY rid you of your pain here! 
I presently have space for JULY to work with 3 new 1-2-1 clients.
SO let’s talk! 
Just email for a FREE 20minute Skype call where we can look at where you are and discuss how I can help you get you to your goals.
So stay with me and we will #gofast together.
Email me today and Lets do this!!
With Love From Africa
Jacqueline Shaw
YOUR African Fashion Business Coach
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