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September 27th, 2019

Why your Africa Fashion business is screwed!

I want to briefly share with you a topic that could literally be make or break for your business. or as I like to all it “Business Murder” – yes I know way over the top but the topic is a real and important one.

And it comes with this brazen statement….

If you’re relying on one tailor to be 100% responsible for your sampling and production then you’re basically committing business murder and you’re screwed 

Yes, yes.

I know, I know. It is a grand BUT a viable statement.


Read on to hear my thoughts around this.

I have FIVE points that will best explain it…I am giving you the first two here but do go over to my youtube channeto hear the other three points as this is key for you to know.

You see Africa Fashion Guide draws in a LOT of people through the consultancy and the business coaching program F.A.B and many people come seeking production help because their single tailor is not able to provide their business needs.

Now, please understand me when I say working with just one tailor and expecting to scale your business is simply murder to your business growth.

Do let me go on to to explain.

Firstly it’s RISKY.

Ask yourself, what if that tailor got sick or they decided to end their business sewing and instead to focus on a whole new business in say… agriculture or fintech or anything other than fashion. on top of this they will know that you NEED them and they can then pull the strings and you don’t want it to be a battle of power but a grand relationship for long term growth for you and for them.

Plus working with you can actually limit them. If you have them tied up working for you trying to produce all your production then that’s going to limit their growth as well as yours.

Secondly when you rely on one tailor to be responsible for ALL your sampling and production you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. This is why in our F.A.B coaching program you get access to a vetted supplier network across Africa.

You need to see the bigger picture that diversifying your risk or risk aversion is required in order for your business to grow. We are all here to grow and to scale their businesses.

So please do not put ONE tailor at the HELM of your business ship to be responsible for al your production.

The third point kicks off my explanation of my C2C theory. Nope not Cradle to Cradle model 🙂 that belongs to Michael Braungart and William Mcdonough, but instead a theory I speak of in my online course SPARK and inside the F.A.B coaching.

I will break this down over the next points just click over to youtube to watch and learn more.
AND when you finish watching the video over on youtube do let me know … do you agree with the statement? If you do or don’t do leave a comment on youtube and share with your friends. I would love to hear yours and their thoughts!

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Remember these tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg really when it comes to doing business responsibly and sourcing sustainably. Also every Sunday I will be sharing with you more tips on sourcing in Africa. Do make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox weekly for these insights.

Need more active help with sourcing better in Africa? Then you can book a call with me at to work closely on your sourcing strategy as a means to accelerate your business forward.



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