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June 12th, 2019

Why leaving my last Designer job was the best decision I made!

Firstly … I have a NEW MEDIA FEATURE  that I want to share with you but firstly I want to explain why when I left my last Designer J-O-B it was the best decision I could have made.


Because I hated fashion?


Because I hated working?

NOT at all

But because I was forced to focus on my business and deliver the best. AND this was my hearts desire.

To be super laser focused on my dream fulfil my vision and build my empire – an African empire…of course

Straight after leaving that job I got three 1-2-1 coaching clients. I restructured my trainings into a better group program – a F.A.B program.

I recalibrated my thoughts around my business. I got a new business Coach. And I created and launched a new online program called SPARK.

I delivered the first sourcing trip to Kenya

I learnt new systems.

I was invited to be featured on WWD as well as Al Jazeera 

I was invited to government events on African fashion.

I sat with, took photos with, shook hands with and dined with presidents and ministers.

I got more on the ground visiting artisans, cotton fields and ginneries.

I built up the sourcing network and will shortly launch a new platform for you all … yes I have been listening so do watch this space …

I grew in confidence and fabulousness lol as you do in fashion … dahling 😘

I confirmed two new government and industry partners!

I won a consultancy role with a tender for a HUGE organisation in Africa.

And gained success in my personal life too

I’m grateful to God for open doors and family for support … this is key for growth and success

And it takes pure grit determination and having a non compromising mindset.

Is this you?

You see…Success comes when opportunities meet preparation

And yet most importantly …

Systems will determine your success .

So let’s work together to gain you success by working you through my awesome new business system the A.F.R.I.C.A Roadmap.

Now back to my NEW MEDIA FEATURE alert.

It was a pleasure to be asked to write a comment feature on #Brexit, UK Africa Alliance and the #Africantextile industry for #UKfashion publication giant Drapers #drapersrecord

Read here:

Photo by @ao_photography

Book a call with me at link below or in bio to discuss this further and I’ll help you accelerate your business this very month to get ready launch and source in Africa.



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