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July 1st, 2018

What Happens in Kenya STAYS in Kenya! Watch Video Highlights from our Sourcing Trip to Kenya

We are back from Kenya!! And seriously … those who missed out missed OUT!

This immersive fashion business mission trips are focused on connecting the fashion business world with the producers and artisans in Africa, to build direct relationships with the fashion design community and artisan focused social enterprises throughout the African continent.

These trips have been tailored specifically for design industry professionals as well as sourcing specialists and product developers. Being practical and hands-on sourcing trips, the interaction provided with those on the ground and the chance to network with those in the field, allows for real business opportunities!

During the trip we met:

  • Leather bag Artisans and leather accessory factory houses and saw how the local leather is made into the most desirable pieces of accessories
  • Jewellery makers using recycled bronze to realise how well bronze can be cast into the most gorgeous jewellery pieces
  • Amazing garment making factories including that which has produced for high street retailer ASOS and another who produces for top sport brand PUMA and see how this amazing garment factory supports women with children
  • Exclusive meetings with ministers of trade and export was KEY!
  • The production house who makes bags for the Vivienne Westwood brand
  • Meetings with designers and small scale brands
  • We also visited a large scale garment factory that produces 30000 pieces and also for designer brand Edun!

The trip was intense BUT worth every minute!

But don’t just take my word for it…check out the highlight video below (produced in partnership with local talent Jojo Gallaria Photography ( )


Fashion Africa Sourcing Trip Kenya Edition – May 2018

Wanna join our next trips? We are heading to Ethiopia this October – do see details here to register today!




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