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June 16th, 2019

We must be Manufacturers not Consumers!


And I am uber pumped up because I returned from the Wish Africa conference and expo at London Olympia last week. I was speaking on a panel with Reni of Alara Lagos and David Sudden of Vlisco and others on the topic of the Business of African Fashion.

Why I am pumped is because the conversation literally enthused my motivation for the work I do and it continued the ongoing belief I have in the need for sharing Africa as a manufacturing landscape.

All last week in my email box I have received emails and seen posts about groups and retailers who are working on projects sourcing in Africa. If it’s not about Toni Blair meeting in London with the President Faure Gnassingbé of Togo this week and raising the awareness of investment in Togo and to talk economic development at the TogoUK Investment Summit in London; OR Solidaridad, Cotton made in Africa, Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and MVO Nederland have started a new project – Bottom UP, to promote a sustainable cotton and garment value chain, from Ethiopian cotton to European consumers.

There is not some, but A LOT of interest of African manufacturing especially in Europe and at the conference hearing David of Vlisco talk about the company’s investment plans in their Ivory Coast factory and most importantly them developing a production unit in Nigeria…I was extremely pumped up.

This is why I want to draw you back to the interview I did with my past client Tameka where she raised the importance of building more industry in Africa. She feels that Africa and Africans need to be more about MANUFACTURING and less about being the CONSUMERS. She wants to see a change in the narrative here and I totally agree with her. She shared about her amazing business we worked together on building for her when she was my client last year and you can hear more about it on my youtube here.

DO DO DO watch this you will finish up SOOOO pumped up and ready to go there will be no stopping you Jacqui.

The video shows how my F.A.B. Coaching literally accelerated Tameka’s African sourcing to launch her Fashion Made in Africa business in just SIX months! And you can do this too. Watch video >HERE<

With that said and with SOURCE SUNDAYS today I wanted to remind you that at Africa Fashion Guide HQ we have opened bookings for our annual sourcing trips to Africa called F.A.S.T (Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips) to Ghana and Kenya where you will visit the supplier on the ground as well as visiting the trade ministers and business groups and more in particular Africa countries.

There are JUST 8 places on each trip and some have already paid their low deposit of 247GBP.

(Note there is payment plan for both Ghana and for Kenya)

If you are interested in joining us and being a part of the new narratives of MANUFACTURERS NOT CONSUMERS of being a part of the story of TRADE WITH AFRICA not AID FOR AFRICA…then do sign up for F.A.S.T. 2019.

More details can be found here where we will be holding a webinar all about the trip and what to expect: UPCOMING WEBINAR FOR F.A.S.T

I look forward to welcoming you to Africa with us this year.


These tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg really when it comes to doing business responsibly and sourcing sustainably. Every Sunday I will be sharing with you more tips on sourcing in Africa. Do make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox weekly for these insights.

Need more active help with sourcing better in Africa? Then you can book a call with me at to work closely on your sourcing strategy as a means to accelerate your business forward.



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