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July 23rd, 2015


Finally the true original Dutch Wax has arrived in Lagos! Vlisco celebrated the opening of its new retail concept at Ikeja Mall, Lagos on 18th July. The program consisted of amongst other a Press Meet & Greet, a ‘Meet Vlisco’ moment where guests had the opportunity to ask questions to the Vlisco team, a fashion show and loads of photos and laughter. And of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete if everyone wouldn’t have had plenty of time to shop in the new store.

Vlisco is loved for its colourful and vibrant fabrics, such as Wax Hollandais, Super-Wax, Java and Voilá for You. These fabrics form part of the colourful fashion landscape in West and Central Africa and especially in Nigeria. With the opening of this store, Vlisco aims to provide the fashion savvy consumers of Nigeria with even more fashion inspiration and service than ever before. Vlisco’s new store is a culmination of 170 years of colour and style expertise and love for the African woman, all resulting in a unique store experience. Providing a unique and enriching retail experience is at the forefront of their retail expansions and this store.

Vlisco ‘Connoisseurs of style’, those who know and love authentic Vlisco, will be thrilled to find the finest range of products under one roof, in particular the only genuine Wax Hollandais. The new Ikeja Mall boutique reveals a new environment concept where the customer is the focal point. Enveloping them in the brand world, with new products, old favourites, new services and promotions, Vlisco aims to make their shopping experience, and journey towards their dream outfit, as pleasurable as possible.

The store represents a blank canvas upon which the Vlisco works of art can be displayed. Diamond shaped furnishings and angled walls ensure the consumer can wonder at all the facets of the Vlisco brand. A touch of gold highlights the true luxury and sophistication within the store and reveals hidden treasures within. This haven ensures you can admire the products, whilst enjoying inspiration on digital screens and getting professional advice in total comfort – a haven where your fashion fantasies become a reality.

Whenever you visit this new boutique, you will always be pampered by the ample choice and professional advice and styling tips from Vlisco’s staff. Everyone is welcome in this stylish store and if you are a ‘Connoisseur of style’ and lover of authentic Wax Hollandais, then come and enjoy this unique Vlisco retail experience!

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