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September 4th, 2014

VLISCO creates bold capsule collection by ATELIERVLISCO

Heritage textile company Vlisco sparked a new style in urban luxury when they announced the launch of a new capsule collection by ATELIERVLISCO this summer. It was created in collaboration with a bespoke design studio in Milan, Italy. The limited edition range is based on Vlisco’s iconic print designs – inspired by layered stories of its own creation. Each ATELIERVLISCO style is luxuriously handcrafted and combines vibrant print artwork, luxury detailing and innovative materials.

Iconic print-art from the brand’s archives, such as the oversized tube of Toothpaste, the legendary Fan and the poppy Shrimp, have been worked into a series of mega arm clutches, boxed backpacks, belt bags, embellished caps and beanies, leather biker jackets and a series of couture boxy sweaters. Oversized fringed zips, sequined patchwork, hand-sewn embellishments and cotton neoprene and leather bonding, found in this first capsule collection by ATELIERVLISCO seal its signature as a luxury print-focused range.

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Over 150 years of technical expertise, craftsmanship and know-how have ensured that Vlisco’s production process is second to none and remains a closely guarded secret. Since 1846, they have created over 350,000 unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. By building and patented the required machines and owning the only manufacturing site in Europe capable of producing such quantities of batik fabric with such a high level of quality, Vlisco has established itself as the number one wax fabric manufacturer in West and Central Africa.





The three-dimensional depth of Vlisco fabrics is achieved by combining the unique wax technique with the design of the drawings. The pattern is literally built up layer by layer, from the application of the drawings using the wax technique in the first stage, to the step-by-step application of various colours. Due to the wax technique, irregularities and little imperfections arise in the image which give the fabric a hand-made, diverse and layered appearance.

ATELIERVLISCO is an experimental platform for unique fashion design expressions, dedicated to the transition of the Vlisco heritage and crafts into luxury fashion styles. ATELIERVLISCO is exploring the limits of these iconic Vlisco fabrics and prints.

The core of ATELIERVLISCO reflects the Vlisco DNA of craftsmanship, its use of expressive colour and outspoken style. Each design is inspired by the stories found in Vlisco’s vast textile archives, which catalogue the company’s heritage and its respect for the authentic art and craft of textile design and fashion.

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