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September 29th, 2012

Vlisco Benin Bravura

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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The interesting creativity portrayed by African local designers has given traditional fabrics a pace of elucidating the African culture, Vlisco an African multinational print company with 4 different brands Woodin, Hollandaise, GTP, Uniwax. Apparently, regarded as the leader in producing African fabrics for local designers. Benin, Republic in Western Africa, formerly known as Dahomey. It has a coastline of 121-km (75-mi) on the Gulf of Guinea, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. This wedge-shaped land extends inland, to the north, about 670 km (about 415 mi), making it one of the smaller African countries.

Vlisco in Rep of Benin has enchanted many heart of fashionista with their different pattern of designs suitable for their end users. The Benin cultural attraction for Vlisco has given the brand regularity in usage for functions like wedding ceremonies, burial, and other traditional coronation, etc.

The longevity for Vlisco in producing Africa print for over 150 years is a huge success for the company and which they have tremendously gained the market with their prints. Vlisco in Benin have a first class relationship with the local designers on specification of what their customer’s desire and this has helped them in continuity in production of their African fabrics.

This partnership between Vlisco and designers that uses their prints started in the year (2008) and since this collaboration they have been a strong bond between both parties.


Their target in the market is between the age of (25-55) and this short marketing analysis reveals how well consumption of products can go. The societal love shown towards Ankara fabrics today has influenced the local designers to envisage different styles for their fashionista which these has greatly increased the yearn for Vlisco prints sewn in western approach.

Vlisco in Cotonou organizes events in every 3months for their beloved fashionista to have a view of the great work suitably done on their prints by these local designers.

David Adeniyi – Nigeria Contributor




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  1. Vlisco is doing an amazing jobs in Africa. Please when is the next Vlisco fashion show in Benin? I’ll really appreciate more information.

    Thank you

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