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February 28th, 2020

Travel Ghana – Why Trade with Africa Brings Change in Africa

So tomorrow is that day ladies! Apparently Feb 29th is the day ladies can propose (I know old school thinking but humour the thought)

But for now I want to explain the importance of TRADE with Africa for you as an African Fashion Entrepreneur.

I will also be going into much more details with a live training in my facebook group African Fashion Entrepreneurs with Jacqueline Shaw  do join the group to make sure you will be able to hear ALL I have to share on this topic or at least catch the replay inside.

Quick reminder that I will be bringing to you the opportunity to catch my newest trainings where I share insights from my new 4 step framework and what I call “The THREE pre-actions“. These are ones you can take for success and profitability in your slow fashion responsible African Fashion business… right 🙂

When they go fast we go slow 🙂

RIGHT let’s now dive in…

You see I just now uploaded a new video showcasing the highlights of our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips to youtube because I believe so much in trading with Africa.


I also believe and many other experts do too that TRADE is the foundation of global communication and it has the power to lift a community out of poverty and to raise the economy of a country.

Starting my business Africa Fashion Guide in 2010 began with a heart to see trade in Africa and to be a changemaker in Africa. And fashion for me was the vehicle.

Fashion that is made in Africa.

Consider this.

If you too want to see change in Africa but source Chinese made waxprint and you sew yourself or locally in your home country then nothing is touching lives in Africa.

It’s just got the image of Africa but nothing more.

“Making in Africa is a Decision AND a Commitment”
Jacqueline Shaw

You see, when you decide today is as good a day to start that fashion business made in Africa regardless of what you feel you lack … do you realise what happens?

You gain.

And your partners gain too.


Because you can positively impact those in Africa you work with by creating jobs and bringing trade to the economy so you are creating an African fashion business that creates impact.

You also create, or better yet you draw, money to you because you are creating a business in a highly grossing industry!

The full industry of the apparel textile and Fashion industry makes $2.4tr annually and now Africa is growing to be a major part of that!

And last but not at all least is that you create a legacy!

Your business is unique and fresh as an idea. When YOU create it you are bringing your own difference to the industry and to the world. You are leaving your imprint and influence in the world.

So tell me what is really stopping you from starting?

Now here’s YOUR opportunity to meet responsible suppliers in Africa in 2020, to support local African production, to support slow fashion – our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips to Ghana and Kenya this year.

We go back in April and May and you are invited to jump on board!

Note you can see more details at this link. but doors close on 29th February – the leap year extra day – thats right the ladies proposal date. So I am making a proposal to you to join us as March 1st no more bookings will be taken and there’s no more Ghana trips for this year.

Remember that manufacturing locally helps to create impact on the ground, helps to build a legacy business and creates a win win monetary solution for you AND your African partners.

By visiting this allows you to build relationship with suppliers, you get to see new innovations when you visit and this can form a huge part of your content story for marketing too. (My latest youtube video brings highlights from our 2019 trip.

See the video here to get a taster here TRAVEL GHANA F.A.S.T 2019 THE HIGHLIGHTS

SO let us have this conversation and I will explain why sourcing and manufacturing locally in africa is going you help you to win.

Join me in the group. Link here African Fashion Entrepreneurs.


Remember these tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg really when it comes to doing business responsibly and sourcing sustainably. Also every Sunday I will be sharing with you more tips on sourcing in Africa. Do make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox weekly for these insights.

Need more active help with sourcing better in Africa? Then you can book a call with me at to work closely on your sourcing strategy as a means to accelerate your business forward.



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