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January 5th, 2012

Timeless Asakeoge – Designer PROFILE

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Written by: Jacqueline
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Asakeoge stands for the bold, creative passion that symbolizes a fashion forward brand and the designs are aimed at the daring for whom uniqueness and individuality is key. The label showcases the perfect blending of exotic prints with western silhouettes to create an exquisite ‘must have’ cocktail piece. Their passion for individuality and everything avant-garde is apparent in every work created and so they always strive to deliver excellence in their approach.

AsakeOge Couture was founded by Asake Agoro from Nigeria. We first met Asake at a pop up shop in London’s Brick Lane last summer where she epitomised beauty and femininity. Asa who studied at London Metropolitan University is based in London where she also produces her collections in the UK. The Label was launched February 2009 at the London Metropolitan Fashion and Dance Charity Show when she was invited to come up with a collection for the fundraiser. A 3rd generation seamstress, growing up around the creative energy in a couture household enabled her to design and make garments for herself from the age of 15. The Asakeoge label has since styled artists and personalities for events and went on to be runner up for the African Tourism Awards. Asake was also nominated and subsequently won the Best Female Fashion Designer for the BEFFTA Awards 2010.

The recent collection “Timeless Heritage” is a tribute to the matriarchs in her family such as her grandmother who passed on a fashion legacy to her mother and sisters. Each dress has been named after these seven women. She has drawn inspiration from nature, a tropical paradise setting with a colour palette of Red, Blue and Yellow; Yellow for the sun, Blue for the skies and ocean and Red for the sunset, flowers and passion. Staying true to the Asakeoge ethos of using bold bright colours, these pieces are the core of a 21 piece collection. The timelessness is conceived in the use of luxurious French Silk, French Cotton and Silk Jersey made into garments with classic silhouettes that would stand the test of time. Less is more as the bright colours, soft flowing fabrics and bright prints speak for themselves. With pieces ranging from evening wear, bridal, red carpet to day wear, there’s something for every woman. You are not afraid to standout because the Asakeoge woman is a trendsetter not a fashion follower.



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