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January 29th, 2020

theFAMILY – Rebuilding African Communities by Building African Businesses

End of 2019 in our membership club The F.A.Mily we had our weekly session (happens every Wednesday) I tasked everyone to send to me their plan for their business for he next 6 months. Can you believe Saturday marks the beginning of february already! So i had the members planning ahead and reviewed these goals and we check back in over the next 6 months.

After the meeting comments given were that this was very useful, the session kept them on track even though life was challenging right now and it gave a lot of “food for thought”.

The F.A.Mily is where it is at if you want peer support, regular check ins, regular trainings and industry insights and more!

I will be sending to the group our monthly club mantra for our businesses.

It has only been 6 month since launch and we are slowly building togetherness. This is key to an entrepreneur mindset.



  • you’re a creative and entrepreneur seeking to produce fashion products in Africa.
  • you desire to expand your African sourcing strategy and don’t know how.
  • you feel overwhelmed with where to produce in Africa and you feel lost in finding reliable partners to work with in Africa. 
  • you’ve already tried to start, but your endeavours never got past the “idea phase” because you lacked the steps and a strategy
  • you’re just learning about entering Africa and feel overwhelmed by all its 54 countries
  • you’re seeking insights and community support because of you are tired of going it alone
  • you’re concerned because you do not have any fashion experience, background or industry contacts

Sometimes, you wonder if it’s even possible for you!


With fun easy to follow monthly structure based on the delivery of 3 live sessions and 1 implementation week you will grow your business amongst a community of likeminded souls. For every month it follows like this:

  • Week 1 = F.A.M. Industry Insider Insights presentation with Jacqueline Shaw
  • Week 2 = F.A.M Industry Experts Exploratory Education series delivering specific professional training from the experts!
  • Week 3 = F.A.M. Q&A sessions with Jacqueline Shaw and Student highlights Share your Success Stories!
  • Week 4 = Implementation Weekbringing you Industry Insights Workbooks Tools and Cheatsheets including Doing Fashion Business in XX country.

We follow the theory of the 6 step A.F.R.I.C.A Roadmap over 6 months with one theme a month. We do this refreshing new content every 6 months and by taking this journey you can expect to start, build and grow a fashion business made in Africa ethically and responsibly. Just by following our roadmap built to take you from Sourcing to Sampling to Sales

Keen to join in?

Then register here: []

You are invited….



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