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August 27th, 2013

The Ministry of Tomorrow the “Lighthouse” Company using Fashion for Change

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) is a company that our Researcher Sarah found out and highlighted to us. They are one that focuses on quality fashion and meaningful actions to promote positive, global change and create exquisitely-crafted, casual, luxury clothing and accessories that are of this earth while being out of this world. Their focus is to create products that are inspired by “free thought from a dimension outside the common mass market.”

With a strong manifesto that says “Luxury is not tangible – it is a mindset over money. True comfort comes from just being. Life is but an experience – be aware and live free.”

The Ministry of Tomorrow overall considers themselves as an entertainment production company presenting novel artists, whistle blowers, and thought leaders with alternative realities and solutions to foster a more just and civil society. Underlying the event production side of the business is a fashion forward apparel brand; “The Ministry of Tomorrow” that develops garments to create fair wage and sustainable jobs that would likely not have happened otherwise.

With majority of their products made in impoverished villages and communities in Africa – such as the notorious Kibera Slums they can continue their aim be a lighthouse to areas that are often disregarded by most of the world.

They believe that there is a gross imbalance here on earth between the haves and the have-nots and so make a difference in their own way by supporting production facilities that provide fair wage jobs and an opportunity for people to obtain their basic needs.

By caring and considering the people who make their products and the raw materials that go into the making their garments then they can follow their mandate that states that “responsible commerce” is their way of doing business.  All of MOT’s products are made from sustainable materials whenever possible.

They have three collections that enable them to be responsible in their commerce.

Ministry of Tomorrow Collection is dedicated to the physical nature of our human experience – our bodies, our emotions, our interactions with one another, and the social and environmental issues we face here on this planet.

Sitting on a Satellite Collection and the Martian Athletics Collection below.

The music and speaking events bring awareness to the Ministry of Tomorrow brand products and through responsible commerce, enable prosperity and sustainable livelihoods in the communities where our goods are sourced.

“I have witnessed the unspeakable; it’s just not right, and we cannot truly be free – knowing that our brothers and sisters are imprisoned in a life crippled by a lack of opportunity. We plan to do something about the injustice we have seen and enlist your support to help provoke positive change.”

-Julian Prolman, Founder and Captain of the Ministry of Tomorrow

One aspect of their business model was to find a Kenyan female with entrepreneurial and leadership aspirations and empower her to directly own the factory and create a pleasant, fair wage work environment where the employees can participate in profit sharing as well.
The Ministry of Tomorrow’s flagship project is located in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of Kibera, the facility that The Ministry of Tomorrow built and sponsors, produces designer men’s and woman’s bags. This facility produces about 300 hand made bags each month.
A series of major concert tours are in development.

Check out their website and amazing video that tells the story that needs to be told and highlights their answer to this. Its not always about the big things but the small things that make an impact.




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