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June 5th, 2019


2019 is totally delivering for me! How about you?

This is why I am TOTALLY excited.

I have been following one of my 2016 students who joined us on our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips in 2017 to Ghana and she is totally rocking it today in the African fashion industry right now.

She recently posted a video from CNN that she was featured on, plus articles on Forbes magazine featuring her and all I could say was yes yes YES girl!

Her success is so encouraging as it all started with my F.A.B. training which proves that starting an African fashion business IS beneficial!

You see there are 3 BIG gains you will get once you create and build that business and my previous F.A.B. student is tapping into them and seeing them come to fruition in her life right now.

BUT it’s not just for her, you too can tap into the benefits of having an African fashion business.

I recorded this video below to share with you what the three big gains are from starting a fashion business in Africa so you can clarify in your own mind that starting your business in Africa is one of the best moves you can make in 2019. This Year of Return.

Many will have you thinking that producing fashion or doing any business in Africa is a waste of time. That it isn’t worth it. BUT what i will show you in this video <> are some of the facts, figures and downright reality that African Fashion business is so WORTH your time!

So do jump on over to my youtube channel and find out what the the gains actually are.

Do leave me a comment to tell me what you think of the 3 benefits!

See the video here:

Want to learn how to get your business in Africa started this month?

Then book a call with me here:

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Get your Fashion made in African business started the right way today!

Check out my latest youtube video here for the lies about African fashion and what I  have to say about it AFRICA FASHION GUIDE YOUTUBE



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