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January 16th, 2020

That’s Right…The Fashion Gurus are Dead Wrong!

So many gurus say it is impossible to source textiles in Africa, that you cannot make quality fashion there, that its unreliable and people only want to rip you off.

NOW with the influx of people travelling to Africa last year and getting “inspired” and seeing “opportunity”… YES you can open up yourself to opportunists and why I do encourage you to travel to Africa with us on our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips so you know you are meeting with valid, reliable suppliers. (DM for info on our 2020 trips)

So I have created a video training highlighting why I do not agree with the gurus of fashion and I share who else agrees with me that Africa CAN make fashion.

And believe me these people are some of the BIG retailers whose clothing you are wearing today maybe even right now!

They are proving that manufacturing and scaling of fashion goods in Africa is possible.

I even share the European and American retailers who are buying and selling African fashion.

My friend look it is best I let you go over and watch and learn for yourself some of the great nuggets around African fashion.

Hit the link below and I will see you in the video BUT WAIT…

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Heres the youtube link again

New training and interview videos upload every Thursday. If you watch it and like it why not leave me a comment below the video… I value what you think and happy to chat further with you on any thoughts.



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