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September 10th, 2020


What a story!
Ten years doing  business in Africa
9/9 2011 marked the beginning, the birthing, the building of Africa Fashion Guide.

Why I recognise that my African fashion business hit a milestone yesterday and turned 10, I see also that this has been a journey of exploration of Africa, of self and great learnings, of sharing of support of pushing the bar. Of narrative changing, of pioneering, of laying the platform, for making it easier for others to now step into this field.

The plans I had for today have been crushed due to Covid-19 but I will still take these next ten days to share the key memories with all on

In celebration of ten years in business let’s start at the start!

My first event 

THE launch event!

This was the beginning, the birthing and the building

So many people to thank … you know who you are. I appreciate you immensely. God bless you xx

Watch the full video here. Just press play to watch what was our launch event on Sept 9th 2011 at the Africa Centre Covent Garden London, was held the first ever Fashion Africa Conference.

The purpose of the night was to launch the company to the network after a year and a half of blogging, and also to showcase the book that Africa Fashion Guide Director (myself Jacqueline Shaw) had created over a 16month process. 

Fashion Africa is a book that I completely researched, self-funded, self-published and curated by myself. 

I started with contacting the designers I wished to be involved in the book with an initial list of over 70 designers/companies and finalised it down to 48 (with an aim to launch vol.2 in due season). 

These companies consisted of those from Africa and the Diaspora, those who produce and or source in Africa, those who use African fabric, cotton and/or print and above all those who promote Africa through their fashion company with their own personal connection to the continent. 

The second edition of Fashion Africa has been subsequently published in 2014 by Jacaranda Books and is available to buy on,jacqueline-shaw-9781909762008 

BUT the conversations do not end here!

So do press play, like, do comment and join the discussion! 


Want to take your business further than explore our new website platform with information on our Fashion Africa Business Academy and new membership club theFAMILY – the Fashion Africa Membership club see 

Or book a call with me, Jacqueline Shaw AFG and Conference Director, here: select the orange button under the video to access my calendar. 

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