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Osei-Duro Launches a Kickstarter campaign: Ethical Clothing Rooted in Traditional Textiles

Since their first exploratory trip in 2009, Osei-Duro work with Ghanaian artisans to create high-quality, contemporary apparel using handmade textile techniques and transparent, small scale production processes. Osei-Duro is ...
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Christie Brown Ghana Presents new Fall/Winter 2013 Collection: ‘Dure’

Christie Brown Ghana is excited to share Dure, Fall/Winter 2013 collection. This season’s collection is a play on strength of structured silhouette with femininity in color and detail choice. By mixing the earth-tone colo...
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Osei-Duro – Vancouver and LA to Accra – Designer PROFILE

OSEI-DURO was created by Maryanne Mathias, an independent designer and marketing teacher from Vancouver, Canada; and LA based costume stylist Molly Keogh as a one-time experiment of design and production in a completely unkn...
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Sarah and her African fashion ‘paradise’

On the Africa Fashion Guide team we have a Research Contributor who also is a designer too. We love her work and wanted to show you all how beautiful her work is. Sarah Moa Gilbert tells us her story and you can hear just why w...
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