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May 2nd, 2018

Sustainable fashion pioneer ABURY sends designer to Chile in its 4th international designer contest!

Following the huge success of the last years, ABURY launches the forth edition of the ABURY Design Experience – a unique open call to all fashion accessories designers to win a travel and production grant and develop a capsule collection with local craftswomen and -men in Chile.

“It’s in your hands!”

ABURY is pioneering the fashion industry by combining traditional, old world crafts with avant-garde designs creating a new luxury style that fosters inter-cultural exchange while preserving world crafts. It does this by bringing together designers with traditional artisans from remote and inspiring cultures, creating a timeless and authentic luxury.

The ABURY Design Experience (ADEx) is the first international contest in search of emerging designers to create an accessory capsule collection using traditional crafts knowledge from different cultures. The winner will be receiving a travel, stay and production budget and will spend up to six weeks in a craft community – which in 2018 is in Chile.

What the ABURY Design Experience is aiming to achieve is simple, yet very substantial. It aims to preserve world crafts, present emerging design talent to the fashion industry, and ultimately to have a positive and sustainable impact on the local communities and the fashion industry throughout.

This contest does truly awaken the faded handicrafts spirit among the new designers, and powerfully urges them to revive world’s dying artisanal heritage by blending their modern design visionary. The ABURY Design Experience is part of ABURY’s ground- breaking effort in creating a more positive sustainable fashion model.

The one-of-its-kind contest is supported again by a prestigious jury of international professionals of the luxury fashion, lifestyle and sustainability world. German supermodel and designer Eva Padberg joins the jury again for the third time: “Working with traditional ways of craftsmanship and thinking on a more sustainable level, is exactly what fashion should be moving towards to.“


After Ecuador, Morocco and Ethiopia, this years edition will bring the winner to Chile. In cooperation with and the support of the „Fundacion artisanias de Chile“, the winner will first spend a week in Berlin with the ABURY team to then move on to Chile and spend four to six weeks with the artisans of Wengan, an artisan community in the North of Chile. Here he or she will be working with the traditional Alpaka wool.

Designers and artisans from different cultural backgrounds come together with the curiosity to explore each other’s world. The combination of creative ideas creates emotional bonds and the products created are testimonies of a successful intercultural understanding!

This contest proves that “Design has the power to change the world“!

How does it work?

Applications are now open from 20 March 2018 until the 11th of May on http://

Participants should be 23 years old and above. The partner country for 2018 is Chile and a designer will be spending up to six weeks in Chile, creating an accessory capsule collection with local artisans.

Up to 9 designers will be selected for the semi-finals. Through public voting, 3 finalists will be defined. The winner will then be chosen by the prestigious international jury panel which includes international Supermodel and designer Eva Padberg, model and social entrepreneur Sara Nuru and her sister Sali, Bibi Russell, Fashion for Development and UNESCO Ambassador; Diana Opoti, CEO 100 Days of African Fashion, Diana Verde Nieto, CEO Positive Luxury; Waridi Schrobsdorff, Founder of fa254 and Karen Heumann, Founding Member of Fashion Council Germany, ART/C, designer and last years’ winner Ruth Hepburn.

Partners of ABURY include Dr. Hauschka, AEG, Impakter, Positive Luxury, Artsthread, etc.




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