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January 20th, 2020

SUPPORT | SYSTEMS | STRUCTURE…Which do you lack or need more of?

Can I be honest with you?

I never PLANNED to be a business coach advisor strategist accountability partner sourcing agent trainer or public speaker.

All of these things just HAPPENED organically because I stepped out. And it’s certainly been a journey of many directions and opportunities.

I fell in LOVE with Africa.

I realised my WHY

I recognised my PURPOSE

And I SAW two groups of amazing people that I was empowered to equip help and support.

My, stepping out into the water and the Unknown’s in faith and in trust of the process God was leading me on … allowed me to

– create a business of impact
– to create a legacy business as NOTHING like Africa Fashion Guide had ever yet existed
– and YES my business has allowed me to create an income

SO now I’m no longer a slave to the 9-5 that I don’t believe I was built for anyway!

So this is my purpose and I’m empowered more by doing it more.

But why am I telling you this and what does this have to do with Support Structures or Systems you ask?

You see, when you STOP playing small and decide today is as good a day to start that fashion business made in Africa regardless of what you feel you lack … do you realise what happens?

You gain, and your partners gain, because you can positively impact those in Africa you work with by creating jobs and bringing trade to the economy so you are creating an African fashion business that creates impact,

You also create, or better yet you draw, money to you because you are creating a business in a highly grossing industry!

The full industry of the apparel textile and Fashion industry makes $2.4tr annually and now africa is growing to be a major part of that!

and last but not at all least is that you creates a legacy!

Your business is unique and fresh as an idea. When YOU create it you are bringing your own difference to the industry and to the world. You are leaving your imprint and influence in the world.

So tell me what is really stopping you from starting?

When you set up a fashion business in Africa you achieve these THREE key things aforementioned


My goal is to remove the mystery of setting up business in Africa’s textile industry and I personally believe that anyone who is willing to work hard to create a business on the ground in Africa for themselves that equally want to impact life in Africa, should have the tools to make it happen.

SO…what is it like to actually work with an African Fashion business coach and undertake the Fashion Africa Business program (F.A.B)?

Here’s what Yvette Jenkins, Founder of Love Travels Imports, USA had to say when she worked with me.


“I first became aware of Jacqueline Shaw and Africa Fashion Guide in 2012. I was really impressed with the content and started following Jacqueline Shaw and her progression with building her social enterprise.

When the conference was established, I wanted to participate. I knew it would be of great value.

I was not disappointed when I participated in several of the Fashion Africa Business Workshops in 2013/2016. I highly recommend her offerings.

I have gained so much valuable information, knowledge about Africa resources and access to a network of people who have created sustainable Africa resourced products.”

So I want to help you, the creative entrepreneur, to create and build sustainable fashion businesses made in Africa and if you’re reading this and wondering about the HOW I can equip help or support you there are a few ways:

Hit the link that is most relevant to you and if you need to talk about your options with my packages then do send me a DM

🎈F.A.B – my 121 coaching program for 3 months
(Book a call with me at

🔑S.A.M – my 6 month intensive coaching
(Book a call with me at

Our next cohort of group coaching starts in May 2020 during Africa Month. message me for information or book a call if you would like to explore this for yourself.

📌 theFAMILY – my monthly membership club for new businesses – ask about my special offer only for this January )

📚 SPARK – my online training program to give you the tools to start your fashion business made in Africa today…/ )

✈️ F.A.S.T – our on the field sourcing trips to Ghana or Kenya – but we do on spring so limited spaces ending soon so hurry )

If you are unsure what is for you then tell me below what you would like to have to solve the areas you lack in then book a call with me…/45min



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