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January 19th, 2015

Ron Bass Brings Africa And Streetwear To Forever21

Ron Bass, a visual artist and designer from Brooklyn, NY, has now collaborated with Forever 21, bringing Streetwear and Africa to the mass retailer on a line of men and womenswear. Bass, who sprung into our collective conscious after his Basquiat inspired hats and jackets, and African inspired Daishikis made their way to the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, Rita Ora and Victoria Secret Model Cara D, is making headlines on the male-centric news in the world of style.

The free spirited individual who is inspired by all things emitting love found his passion after the loss of his beloved parents. Bass aims to transport a positive message of substance through his work. With his distinct love for DIY (Do It Yourself), Pop Art and Fashion, Ron has created pieces inspired by many but his core inspiration draws from the work by legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Mark McNairy and Jeremy Scott. His goal is to one day leave a mark on art and fashion culture by showcasing love for thyself and others while creating pieces that will inspire the masses.

What you can expect: colorful tees, signature dashikis, faith based symbolism, and so much more! About the partnership, Bass says, “I’m elated. For all individuals that ever told me I inspire them: this is for you. You just never know. If you always continue to fight and push, these types of things can happen. I’m no different from that person who is sitting in front of their computer all night, thinking their designs may never get out. I hope this shows how far you can go if you stay true. This is for us. It’s a way to represent my culture on a national platform, and give back in a way that will continue to inspire.”

“I want to be remembered as that artist or individual that stuck true to love and spread love in the most grandest way possible. And genuine. If tomorrow was my last day, I know that I would be smiling. I’m content and at peace with everything that I’m doing. When I look back, from the first day I was born, every single thing I went through was worth it.”

Ron Bass’ fearless individuality stands out. In a world where love and faith seem to be fading, Bass’ determination to reintroduce these essentials of humanity in a colorful and stylish manner is truly praiseworthy.

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Writer: Nora Chikure – Germany Based Contributor

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