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June 19th, 2013

Pooja Jeshang: AfroAsian Inspired Clutch Wallets

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Written by: Team AFG
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Africa Fashion Guide first came across Tanzanian designer Pooja Jeshang with our article Pooja Jeshang Gets All Loved up with Delilah Designer Interview last summer which talks about the brand Saffron.
 Pooja Jeshang is an upcoming talented fashion designer who graduated from Birmingham City University in England last year. She is currently a freelance designer who has used her time effectively to launch her own brand “Pooja Jeshang” which specialises in ready to wear and evening wear. Pooja takes her inspiration from a range of sources in her everyday life whilst also being inspired by culture and society across the globe.
The new accessory collection demonstrates the marriage between the influences of both India & Africa. Pooja loves inspiration from India, especially the patchwork found in Rajasthan which is known for its colorful beaded, handcrafted work and bold prints. The fusion of both cultures with the African bold printed cloth against, the decorative embellishment of trims from India shows a true form  of art.
AFG loves this Afro-Asian inspired collection, with a range of contrasting rainbow colours to add to this years summer outfit.
To add a playful clutch wallet  to your accessory collection, please visit the below.

Princess of Africa by Pooja Jeshang

Princess Clutch Wallet by Pooja Jeshang


Princess Clutch Wallet by Pooja Jeshang


Rajput Princess Clutch by Pooja Jeshang


Close up Rajput Princess Clutch Wallet by Pooja Jeshang


Author: Aisha Bignall 

AFG Project Coordinator / AFG UK Contributor



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