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November 29th, 2014

New Zealand presents Africa Fashion Festival

Africa Fashion Festival is an event that celebrates Africa’s vibrant and diverse culture and incredible creativity in New Zealand through fashion and art forms such as dance and music. New Zealand’s inaugural Africa Fashion Festival will celebrate the continent’s vibrant and diverse emerging fashion industries.

Africa Fashion Festival will promote, educate and highlight Africa’s creative industry by giving festival attendees a one of a kind experience and a different perspective of the Continent of Africa. Another important focus of the event is the promotion of top and emerging African designers and artists and empowering first and second generation Africans in New Zealand to connect with, embrace and proudly share their culture.

The founding director of the Africa Fashion Festival is Ghanaian born Pinaman Owusu-Banahene who has called New Zealand home for over eleven years. Pinaman has a strong interest in public policy, philanthropy and fashion. In 2011, she launched a social enterprise organisation, ADJOAA, which offers an avenue that combines all three passions to give emerging African designers and artists a platform to showcase their talent and to create opportunities for them in the creative industry. She now is the head of the upcoming festival to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 7-10 May 2015 and then onto Wellington, from 14-17th May 2015.



A key differentiator of Africa Fashion Festival is that it is an ethical initiative with a strong focus on development – think fashion for development. The festival will support three key social initiatives for young Africans in New Zealand and across parts of Africa, in collaboration with the designers:
  • a mentoring programme for young African women in New Zealand to empower them to be more engaged in the community.
  • a three-month internship for a talented African fashion design graduate to intern with participating designers of the Africa Fashion Festival NZ in New Zealand and/or Africa.
  • supporting education through the launch of a book club initiative in selected schools with the participating designers in their home country.

List of designers to showcase include

See more info here:



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