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March 12th, 2013

New Series “Fashion Africa The Francophone Afri-Perspective” – AFRO-POLIS Paris Fashion Week Party – EVENT REVIEW

We are absolutely elated to have on board an amazing young woman hailing from France who will be bringing us a Francophone African perspective, the lowdown on African fashion in France and the french speaking African countries and articles in French for our Francophone African readers. You have been asking for this so we were happy to start looking and are now delivering.

See below the first article by  our French writer Chayet Chiénin (English speakers we haven’t left you out see the English translation below) and look out for her review of the must attend event of the  year being the recent Diesel X Edun colab party in Paris.


Fashion Africa  – The Francophone Afri-Perspective 


AFRO-POLIS Paris Fashion Week Party – EVENT REVIEW (French)

Si  y’avait bien une soirée à ne pas manquer à Paris, c’était bien la soirée Afro-Polis organisée par Pierre-Christophe GAM et Arise magazine.  Pierre Christophe Gam, directeur artistique qui a conçu cet évènement, a voulu créer un évènement afropolitain cosmopolite comme on en voit que très peu sur Paris (tout l’inverse d’une une ville comme Londres) et promouvoir le lancement à venir de son magazine en ligne au doux nom d’Afro-Polis. Ce magazine, dont la sortie est prévue pour septembre 2013, se veut être une plateforme de célébration de la création artistique de  talents venant d’Afrique ou de la diaspora. Le but étant de montrer une autre réalité de l’Afrique et d’offrir une visibilité encore peu donné à ces talents.

Organisée sur deux jours, dans deux endroits différents, la soirée Afro-Polis a rencontré un franc succès. On a pu y voir l’exposition « barbershop » de Pierre-Christophe et assister aux prestations de Taali M, Tawassmass et Shade, qui ont eu la faveur du public.

Une mention spéciale aux tenues de Taali M, qui sont d’un sublime et d’une originalité sans faille.

All images are strictly the copyright Chayet Chiénin for Africa Fashion Guide

 AFRO-POLIS Paris Fashion Week Party – EVENT REVIEW (English)

If there was something not to be missed in Paris these last days, it was without contest the Afro-Polis Paris fashion week party organized by Pierre-Christophe Gam and Arise magazine. Pierre Christophe Gam is the art director, who created this event, in order to create an Afropolitan / cosmopolitan event. We see that little on Paris, in contrast to London, and for promoting the launch to come of his online magazine with the beautiful name of “Afro-Polis”. This magazine is planned for release in September 2013, and will be a sort of platform of celebration of the artistic creations coming from Africa and from the Diaspora. The aim is to show another reality of Africa and to offer a visibility, which still little is given to these talents.

Organized on two days, in two different places, the Afro-Polis Paris fashion week party has met with success. We saw the “barbershop” exhibition created by Pierre-Christophe and attended the amazing performance of Taali M, Tawassmass and Shade.

A special crush on the beautiful outfits of Taali M, which are so creative and original!

Author: Chayet Chiénin – Nothing But the Wax

AFG Contributor – Francophone AfriPerspective



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