We once again asked our friend and Cultural Critic Donalea Scott to review Ozwald Boateng’s movie A Man’s Story, I overall felt that it was an interesting movie and an open story of, well, a man’s life.  But above all we want you to view the film too to make up your own minds.

Lastly we encourage you to read on right to the end to see information about a very special competition released by the man himself, for all aspiring Fashion Designers and Tailors.


Film Review by Donalea Scott

Last week the Hackney Picture House held a special screening of the Ozwald Boateng documentary A Man’s Story, (a screening which ironically was held on International Woman’s day!) The film concluded with a Q&A session with Ozward Boateng, the documentary’s director Varon Bonicos and hosted by London MP’s Diane Abbort and David Lammy.

Ghanaian born, Boateng is one of Britain’s most affluent tailors and is credited for reviving the British tailoring trade back in the early nineties with his quintessential British tailoring and unique use of colour inspired by his African heritage. Boateng’s emergence on Savile Row in 1995 made him both the youngest and first black tailor to open a store on the street. Now with over 25 years in the business and a long list of celebrity clientele which includes everyone from Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Mick Jagger to David Miliband, the documentary which was recorded over a period of 12 years is said to emblematize the life and career of Ozwald Boateng.

The documentary starts in 1998 with Boateng commentating in retrospect, we get to experience the highs and lows of Boateng’s career from the incident in 1999 when his entire collection was stolen from a central London address, his first day working for Givenchy as creative director, to his OBE award presented by the Queen. We also get to see the strain Boateng’s work has on his family life and are invited to take a glimpse of the man behind the impeccable suit, which from the Q&A after the screening was said to be the documentary’s intention, to tell the story of the male experience hence the title. How Boateng intended the viewer to perceive him from the documentary is questionable as the male bravado behaviour can come off as arrogant; this was also picked up by the Guardian newspaper in their review titled ‘Does my head look big in this?’.

The fact that the focus of the documentary was not on the fashion, creative process and craftsmanship which has made Boateng ‘s name was disappointing, though overall the documentary does give insight into the life and work of one of Britain’s most influential tailors.

Reviewer: Donalea Scott

Cultural Critic and Fashion Theorist


Well, now it is your turn to see it for yourself and please do share your thoughts too.

On the flip side if you are a big fan of Ozwald Boatengs work as we are too, plus you are an aspiring and ambitions young designer seeking an opportunity to showcase your work. Then here is your chance to win a fantastic prize working with leading menswear designer Ozwald Boateng?

As part of the release of his film, A Man’s Story, Ozwald Boateng is giving 5 lucky winners the chance to spend some time at his famous Savile Row Design Studio as well as to assist with his upcoming fashion show in June.


Then put together and submit a concept board with one design based which has been inspired by A Man’s Story. The top 30 designs with the highest number of ‘likes’ will be picked and sent to the Designer himself of which the final 5 winners will then be chosen.

The competition opened on the 23rd February and voting for your favourites begins as soon as designs are posted. All votes need to be in by 26th March.

See the movie facebook page for more info on the competition:

For more info on the designer see:

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