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September 24th, 2019

Meghan sells out Made in Malawi – British Royalty shows the world to Shop Africa

So I will keep this blog post short with just two words…. MM

…aka Meghan Markle

aka.. the DUCHESS shows the world to Shop Africa!

Our (yes…OUR…I am a Brit so now allowed to adopt our famous American born friend!), the lovely Duchess of Sussex dresses in fashion made in Malawi!

In kicking off the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ Africa tour Meghan proudly sports an African made brand. And not just any brand, but by Mayamiko a brand started by our lovely friend Paola Masperi who has worked tirelessly over the years to push forward this business supporting the cause and creating jobs along the way.

AND this brand I will happily show off and say IS featured in my book….Fashion Africa. Get your copy on Amazon 

On top of this the Made in Malawi dress has obviously sold out…completely! This crossover style maxi wrap dress, is stylish in a DVF way, looks totally comfortable featuring princess perfect short capped sleeves. It has been ethically made from locally sourced 100% lightweight cotton. All has been sourced and made in Malawi by the talented artisans at the Mayamiko workshop. You can also scan the QR code on the care label of your garment to meet the team who made your clothes! #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES

So so excited to see one of our panel speakers AND a friend in this industry getting this opportunity and exposure as this will increase more eyes on Africa.



Yes yes Paola. Yes yes Mayamiko Malawi team. And yes yes to the Duchess!

And can you imagine the dress is now sold out even I cannot get one!… go figure.

Meghan IS a trendsetter and bringing people to now shop Africa…I am loving it! Let’s continue to watch the rest of her journey and see which other African fashion brands she decides to wear.







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