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April 8th, 2020

Making in Africa is a Decision AND a Commitment

Starting my business Africa Fashion Guide in 2010 began with a heart to see trade in Africa and to be a change-maker in Africa. And fashion for me was the vehicle.

Fashion that is made in Africa.

Consider this.

If you too want to see change in Africa but source Chinese made wax-print and you sew yourself or locally in your home country then nothing is touching lives in Africa. I explain this in my youtube video here:

It’s just got the image of Africa but nothing more.

“Making in Africa is a Decision AND a Commitment” ~ Jacqueline Shaw

Right now the fashion industry has come to a standstill due to COVID-19 and many of the high street retailers we know are pulling out of orders, or cancelling production. Some have been good to pay up for production already completed, though they wont take recent orders they wont order more.

This is ultimately leaving production houses, factories in deep water likely unable to pay workers and unable to ride this wave of the pandemic to come out the other side.

With this in mind, one can only imagine the impact on Africa’s textile industry during this challenging season the world is going through.

And why trade with Africa, and where retailers and brands can see suppliers and manufacturers as stakeholders in their business, is necessary for the growth and survival of both parties.

This pandemic has already started and though many feel powerful, the power we have is in our future actions and decisions…even from today.

You see, when you decide today is as good a day to start that fashion business made in Africa regardless of what you feel you lack … do you realise what happens?

You gain.

And your partners gain too.


Because you can positively impact those in Africa you work with by creating jobs and bringing trade to the economy so you are creating an African fashion business that creates impact.

You also create, or better yet you draw, money to you because you are creating a business in a highly grossing industry!

The full industry of the apparel textile and Fashion industry makes $2.4tr annually and now Africa is growing to be a major part of that!

And last but not at all least is that you create a legacy!

Your business is unique and fresh as an idea. When YOU create it you are bringing your own difference to the industry and to the world. You are leaving your imprint and influence in the world.

So tell me what is really stopping you from starting?

Watch our youtube video to learn more about the importance of trading with Africa to build with Africa.

Jacqueline Shaw

image .. photographer unknown



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