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March 15th, 2013

LISOF – South African Top Fashion School turns 20!

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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This year marks the 20th anniversary of South Africa`s leading fashion education institution, and so too the beginning of its Retail Academy division.

The college has recently moved in to the vibrant suburb of Blairgowrie, and has begun a revitalization initiative surrounding the area of the campus.

“We are so fortunate to have an exciting space to work with,” explains LISOF founder and CEO Shana Rosenthal about the new building. “Our students and staff are thrilled with the new campus, and my hope is to see this energy turned into inspirational output.”

The recently renovated building just off Conrad Drive boasts many new aspects and will definitely serve as an inspirational environment for its students.

The college is also currently working on reviving the park that is situated directly opposite the building. “Once we’ve cleared the rubbish, replanted and set up the new park, we expect to see it used by our students and surrounding businesses and residents, giving them a ‘time-out’ place to reenergise, and refuel their creative juices. LISOF will be hosting a Green Day within the next few months, inviting students, businesses and residents in the area to take part in planting and beautifying the park space.
The college has also undertaken some exciting new directions with regards to its educational offerings. Students now have the option of choosing between five distinct study streams which will provide a strong foundation for starting their careers in fashion, whether it is business focused or more design orientated. “Stagnant isn’t a word that features in our D’English lingo (Design/English)! We’ve adapted and diversified with the times and we know what we’re doing and where we’re going when it comes to fashion!” explains Rosenthal.

Apart from this, Rosenthal along with the LISOF team identified the need to provide skilled individuals for the retail sector, and working with top South African retailers, has developed an 18 month intensive course that will do just that.

“Being in the fashion industry for as long as we have, LISOF has acknowledged the importance of being diverse, and growing our educational offerings as the times change,” comments Rosenthal. “The Joburg campus has recently moved to a beautiful new campus in Blairgowrie, and I knew it was the right moment to bring the course to the market.”

The Retail, Styling and Visual Merchandising course is set to commence this month, and will run over 18 months. The first 6 months are dedicated to theoretical and practical training at the Joburg campus, with subjects including; Buying, Sales, Human Resources and Product Knowledge. This will provide the students with a solid foundation for the next 12 months of the course which entails in-store work experience. Students will be placed in our retailer partner network and will have the opportunity to earn an income whilst gaining invaluable experience.

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There will be additional classes that the students will be required to attend during their 12 month work experience as well. On completion of the 18 month course, students will graduate with a Higher Certificate in Fashion.

Rosenthal also adds that students will benefit immensely from the overall experience. “Our graduates understanding of the retail environment will benefit them in progressing quickly in their careers with these retailers. From LISOF providing the platform to help grow the individual and their retail career, to the retailer being empowered with employees who have the skill and determination to succeed, right through to the customer who ultimately benefits from all of this in a much more satisfying shopping experience, everybody wins!”

LISOF also offer a 3 year Diploma in Fashion and 3 year BA Degree in Fashion across  both its campuses in Jo’burg and Pretoria, as well as 1 year BA Honours in Fashion at the Joburg Campus.

For more information on LISOF and any of the courses offered, contact 086011 LISOF (54763), or visit the website at



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