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July 11th, 2012

Lets talk ‘Eco-Africa’ at the London Southbank – AFRICA UTOPIA – EVENT

Next Friday 20th July our very own founder, Jacqueline Shaw – eco-entrepreneur, Author and Director of our social enterprise Africa Fashion Guide along side Editor of BBC Africa Solomon Mugera, Jonathan Bhalla from the Africa Research Institute and others will be on a panel at the London Southbank to discuss how Africa is embracing sustainability as part of the month long Africa Utopia festival which kicked off on July 1st

Come along and show your support!

Admission is free to all, with no ticket or pre booking required.

Hope to see you all there on the Friday 20th of July 2012 – starts 5.30pm


About the event

Africa Utopia is a month-long festival of music, theatre, film, literature, dance, fashion, talks and debates programmed by Southbank Centre in conjunction with renowned Senegalese singer and human-rights campaigner Baaba Maal, as part of Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World with MasterCard.

Throughout the festival there are performances by iconic musicians who share Baaba Maal’s belief in the power of music for social change.

You can also hear from writers who provide insight into the reality of contemporary African culture. Meanwhile an invited group of young delegates – guided by ‘elders’ including Baaba Maal and Lemn Sissay – explore how art projects can be mobilized to bring about social change.



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  1. I am a creative artist making art and crafts from banana fibers. I would love to be part of next years group of artists displaying eco friendly products. I have a product range that is saving the eco system in my community through the production of my products.

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