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January 16th, 2014

Kushn: Leather Goods Company Supports More African Artisans with Ethiopian Cushions

Kushn designs reflect a dynamic, colourful and creative Africa that remains culturally rooted yet globally engaged. With a common interest in fashion and an African upbringing Kushn was created by Cape Town residers Greer Valley and Thembalezwe Mntambo who are both South Africans by birth. Merging function and aesthetic appeal, Kushn’s range of products provide stylish protection for your laptop, tablet, cell phone, camera, books or documents. This South African brand are experts in mixing functionality with a fusion of modern needs and classic style.

What we love particular about this brand is that Kushn products are made in collaboration with experienced leather craftsmen using the finest genuine leather, quality fabrics and fittings sourced from local suppliers. All of their products are made with traditional African woven textiles and locally sourced leather and canvas materials. Their products are all about quality made and sourced and you can literally see that.

Kushn Naledi Laptop cases made with hand-woven Kente cloth from Ghana and full-grain leather. Photo Credit: Kushn

So working closely with craftsmen and weavers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Ethiopia on beautifully made product it is no surprise that their customers, who they describe as “creatively inclined citizens of the world”, come from as far as the US, France, UK, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia.


Perfect as a laptop case or as a clutch. Photo Credit: Kushn

But this brand is not just about looking beautiful – they have a strong belief in using creativity as a mechanism tool for development for those living in extreme conditions and so have created this label as part of a sustainable model to fight poverty. One method is by preserving artisan practices and so they explore various traditional Africa woven textiles such as the Kente and Ewe cloths from Ghana and the Nutella fabrics from Ethiopia to do so. This Pan-African network of leather crafters and fabric weavers from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa and Kumasi has helped them to establish this sustainable economic cycle benefiting these communities.

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Since their production partners receive profits for their work, each Kushn purchase contributes significantly to the livelihood of these communities, allowing the artisans’ creativity and businesses to grow, and leading them to one day continue the cycle and create opportunities for others. Now this is what we call ethical fashion. Beautiful and thoughtful too and its no wonder they have been awarded CCDI award for creativity and business development in 2011 and Emerging Creative at Design Indaba in 2012.



An Artisan in Addis Ababa hard at work. Photo Credit: Kushn

Next stop for the Kushn online shop is Ethiopian Hand-woven textiles from Addis Ababa. If you love these as much as we do then dont waste anytime .. go and grab some beautiful leather products from Kushn.


Learn more about Kushn and their new upcoming products by visiting their Facebook site!

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