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October 30th, 2013

Kenyan Masai Shukas inspire ASOS Africa’s latest Collection – AW13/14

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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Everyone put your hands up if you have purchased a piece of ASOS Africa? Not yet I hear you say…well shame on you! Can you believe that their eighth ASOS Africa collection launched just last week!

This fantastic concept brand loved by OUR own loved first lady Michelle Obama was made by SOKO, a clothing production workshop based just off the Mombasa/Nairobi link road in Kenya. Through their various projects and production services to brands like ASOS Africa, Lalesso and Suno NY to name a few, this mostly female staffed workshop has expanded from a team of four to 45 since ASOS began outsourcing labour there enabling them to provide this workforce with not only a free lunch but on-site childcare too and thus helping some of the poorest communities in Kenya. Alot of this was able to be done thorugh the ASOS charity called ASOS Foundation which in 2011 matched proceeds from the sales of both that year’s collections to help boost the SOKO space and I can tell you personally it is fantastic!

Inspired by Kenyan Masai tribes and their Masai Shuka fabrics, this in-house ASOS design team have produced an A/W’13 collection mainly using locally sourced fabrics and made up of a plaid clash mixture of red and green check skirts and pinafore dresses, textured jacquards of leopard-print  in miniskirts styles and elephant motif shirts which we personally adore here at AFG – seriously these prints are so cool and the shirts are our favourite pieces.

With the Masai inspired checks gives a very London street feel to the collection and we love how the plaid and print combine in a look that strongly reflects the London designer hand and the African nature where the collection is made. We love it especially because pieces are both bang on-trend and uber ethical too. With prices starting from £38 makes this collection affordable, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and profoundly based (and made) on principle. Plus if Michelle Obama has been known to like it and she is the The First Lady of the United States there must be something worth considering within the range yourself!











ASOS AFRICA is produced in collaboration with a rural Kenyan community, allowing underprivileged communities to establish sustainable business through local craftsmanship.

Available now on on and proceeds from all sales will go towards boosting jobs in Kenya, where the collection is made.



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