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January 29th, 2012

Joyful Jewellery from Joansu – Designer PROFILE

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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I first came across Adjoa of Joansu Jewellery at Arise Magazine Editor Helen Jennings book launch and fell in love with her crafted jewellery. Joansu pronounced [jo-uhn-su] – ‘joa’ (from Adjoa) and ‘nsu’ (water; Akan) fresh use of wax print fabric is original and enticing. The topax collection adds the sense of luxe to the label so I was glad at the time to get a preview of the collections Adjoa has created. Her resort collection was launched in October 2011 and is a striking, intricate and timelessly beautiful, luxury jewellery label.

image Joansu Model wearing Africanista Conversations – cuffs and rings

Joansu is inspired by travel and each limited edition piece embodies a different memory and speaks to those untold stories hidden behind the facades of ancient buildings, discovered in charming natural settings as well as reflected in conversations with cultures and people en route. Adjoa told me that:

My inspirations come from travel – each piece has a story and moment that gives birth to it. The Africanista Conversations collection is made using Ankara, which is hand picked by me, and then expertly cast in resin. Once this sets, it is polished to give each piece a high gloss finish.

Handmade from the finest materials including precious metal, precious stones, resin and textiles (such as wax printed textiles – Ankara), the boldly feminine collections are limited edition to guarantee your exclusivity. Designing alternately from her ateliers in London and Paris, designer Adjoa Acquah’s vision behind the Joansu brand is to explore the impressions of travel and movement on the creative design process and in so doing, fuses her two great loves.

The “Africanista Conversations” collection takes its inspiration from conversations with the beautiful and revolutionary women of Africa. The prints and patterns of African textile, with meanings that are often deeper than the attractiveness of their design, are captured and encased in clear resin to create a unique collection of modern glamorous jewellery that is feminine yet bold.

image Joansu Model wearing Africanista Conversations – Fast Forward Neckpiece

image – Joansu – Africanista Conversations – Revolution Cuff

image Joansu – Africanista Conversations – cuffs

image Joansu Model wearing cuff

The Resort collection also boasts 3 sentimental sterling silver and 18 carat gold collections that invite your heart and soul on a journey to charming Vienna with its elegant lines and vibrant red Garnet stones in “Musik”;  to play and lounge with the “Boju Beach” collection with sapphire stones set like grains of fine sand; and to fall in love with the sultry yet dramatic “Cape Town” collection with its signature Topaz Statement Ring.

image – Joansu – Boju Beach Sapphire Statement Ring (set in Sterling Silver) and Sterling Silver Bangles

image Joansu – Cape Town Topaz Statement Ring

Joansu’s symbol originates from the royal traditional Kente, a visual art form and a source of ancient wisdom in Ghana. The six slender golden strokes in the symbol mimic the Mmeeda Kente geometrical pattern; a pattern that translates to “something that has not happened before”; a subtle reminder to Joansu Women to approach each day in that spirit: full of wonder, anticipation and love.
Joansu is a London based jewellery boutique with global reach via its e-shop:
For further information about Joansu please contact or call +44 203 150 0426
Author: Jacqueline Shaw




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