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May 11th, 2015

José Hendo & Eki Orleans reveal their latest AW Collection ‘IDENTITY’

In this collaboration, both designers contributed ideas incorporated into the printed fabrics. Questions were asked such as: “What makes us who we are?” “How do we show our personalities?” “How to use nature and the world around us to create a collection using a sustainable approach”.  With this collection – IDENTITY – the print story is about identities evolving through life, our experiences and responsibilities, ever-changing.
The choice of fabrics and the designs have also been done in collaboration, with both designers’ signature styles evident in the final pieces in the collection.

With this collaboration, aptly named IDENTITY, there are two very strong design identities fused together, creating looks that are strong and bold, yet like a fingerprint, they are never identical. There is constant change and transformation that occurs in life, which is reflected in this collection through the shapes and forms allowing multiple ways of wearing the garments.
The fusion of José Hendo’s signature bark cloth and the structural wool fabric combined with Eki Orleans’ printed silks and diaphanous textiles, create unique and individual pieces allowing the wearer to exhibit their own identity through the bold prints and structural designs.

Between them, the two designers have showcased separately at London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Kampala Fashion Week, Lagos and Fashion Design Week, EcoLuxe London and Johannesburg Fashion Week. Likewise they have been featured in many publications including Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Le Figaro, Sublime, Eluxe, Unfolded, The Daily Monitor, The Saturday Monitor, The Observer and The Financial Times.

Jose Hendo was a speaker at our recent Fashion Africa Conference held on Fashion Revolution Day (April 24th 2015). Her brand is featured in Jacqueline Shaw’s book Fashion Africa published by Jacaranda Books.

IDENTITY at Vancouver Fashion Week

For more information visit:

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