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September 17th, 2018


“Is it TRUE that fashion can be made in Africa?”
“Is it possible to SOURCE textiles in Africa?”
“Is it really possible to manufacturer fashion goods in Africa?”
“Are there ANY reliable people to work with in Africa who WON’T rip you off?”

Yes these are the kind of questions I get asked by creative entrepreneurs every week as they attempt to set up fashion business in Africa and I can assure you it can be done and most importantly that I have the answers that can get you to your goal.

To mark the end of Fashion Catwalk season and the start of Black History Month in the UK I am bringing you a unique free 5-DAY Facebook Challenge – “Source My African Supplier” starting in less than 2 weeks! AND you can join the group today by signing up here:

In just 5 days I will be teaching you exactly how to source your African suppliers to work with in your fashion business.

You will complete the challenge equipped with an understanding of:

  • how to build successful honest relationships
  • the importance of working with suppliers with ethical conditions and high working standards
  • how to know if the suppliers you are working with are right for you and your product
  • the FOUR routes to find your supplier
  • and the all important MUST ask KEY questions to vet them for yourself

Right up your street? Grab your spot here:


You need to do this challenge because:

  • Africa is an unknown in general – knowing where to source and who to source with is KEY to the growth of your business
  • Not everyone is honest in the fashion industry and as much as no one likes to talk about it you are at risk of being ripped off without the right networks – just as I experienced when I started my journey setting up my clothing business
  • Africa is a unique place and it takes knowing people – having the right relationships to be effective and save yourself time and money
  • In fashion quality is of upmost importance – knowing how to communicate with suppliers what you need is relevant to producing beautifully finished product
  • Having someone who has been there before you, who knows what to look for, knows what you need and will direct your steps will reduce any overwhelm and ease your confidence
  • You must remove any preconceived thoughts of Africa and how the textiles supply chain works there in order to work with the continent – an open YET wise mind is needed


These are reasons why my clients work with me because I not only understand the industry, not just because I have already built key relationships over the last ten years with relevant vetted experienced quality and export ready suppliers but I also regularly go to these countries and so the information I share with you is relevant, contemporary and provides you with results.

And this challenge is all free!

Therefore if you are seriously planning to start an African fashion business in 2018 and you were not able to figure out yet how to get started fast and effectively, or needed just a little more time to get things in place then TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY and sign up for the challenge by September 23rd.


Then I will see you over in the group!

With love from Africa
Jacqueline Shaw

Your African Fashion Business Coach
Founding Director – Africa Fashion Guide Ltd



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