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January 15th, 2020

How the death of my Jamaican Grandfather started my business in Africa

All this talk about new decade and I totally speak that too but when I look back at this time last decade it was a completely different story.

I had just started my MA Ethical Fashion degree and was researching into African cotton.

My Grandfather who was a Maroon recently died and I went to Jamaica for his funeral.

The Maroons were a kickass warrior tribe in Jamaica of enslaved Africans brought over to Jamaica and who refused to be slaves.

They were seen as rebels who ran to the mountains and defended their communities against the British and the Spanish.

They were warriors.

The town in Jamaica called Mooretown is named after them.

Learning more about them makes me see who I am. When I have those troubled days in my business. When I struggle to get the work done, when I struggle to get enough sales as I hoped, when I get a negative comment, when I can’t see the wood for the trees .. I remember who my ancestors were and what they came through and this empowers me to keep going.

It was my Maroon heritage and researching my history that actually took me to Ghana … my first Sub-Saharan African trip to explore my African heritage and roots and linkage to this amazing continent.

It was there I developed my ethical fashion streetwear brand Akabi Designs made in Ghana and Kenya and from this with support from my degree I launched Africa Fashion Guide.

My point… everything is for a reason.

My self exploration has now given me purpose to help others who want to do African fashion business.

Things all link together.


There’s a purpose in what you do.

Open your eyes,

I used to question if anyone would be interested that it was such a unique area and not one many would care about … maybe it was just me!

Yet this week I hosted a panel where 600 people had registered to attend, where we discussed African opportunities in manufacturing for British U.K. businesses.


Never underestimate your journey or your beginnings. There’s a bigger purpose in you getting started and just tapping into your hearts desire.

If you’ve read this far and it’s resonating with you and you’d love my help to be your business coach and start a fashion business in Africa then just go to

Do hit the orange button to my calendar when there and arrange a call.

I’d love to help you bring out your inner warrior and create a badass business too this year!


Your African Fashion Business Coach



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