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February 12th, 2017

How I started my Fashion Made in Africa Clothing label and how YOU can too!

When I started Africa Fashion Guide I said to myself I can’t start this business and consult with people about sourcing and manufacturing in Africa if i have yet to do it myself. 

So I went out, and did it. 

I designed, sourced and manufactured a fashion label, from scratch, in East and West Africa. I used organic cotton in East Africa (specifically Kenya) and made clothing in a medium sized factory (100 people) and then I designed and worked with an amazing batiker to created batik prints in West Africa (Ghana to be precise) and worked with local tailors on that. I went to the countries and also dealt with the shipping and logistical side of things so I could have a PERSONAL experience of the full supply chain.
I am telling you this because I wish to assure you that we at AFG have an understanding and can support your business aims.

Here are photos from the collection I created in 2010 – yep that is me sitting on the step so proud of what I had achieved. A streetwear, casual label fully sourced and produced in Africa


SO now with Africa Fashion Guide which I launched a year after we began to be sought out to share this experience and understanding. Now we offer consultancy and work with small, medium and large scale brands (which has includedLineapelle, Brighton Museum and more) with day rates, hourly rates or project rate fee options, as well as F.A.B. our business workshops online (new classes start this September). 

BUT the reason why we launched F.A.S.T. our new sourcing trips ( was because our clients and followers wished to know WHERE to SOURCE FASHION production, textiles and trims in AFRICA, as well as HOW to do it. Our clients simply wished for hands on support to get things going and didn’t want to spend twice the time doing everything from scratch if someone who has already done it could lead them.

So F.A.S.T. is there to get you on the ground but with a team who knows the market and knows the people you need to know in the market to get started and FASTER.
I would therefore encourage you to have a look at the website first step and secondly to TAKE ACTION. (deadline tuesday 13th)

Register here with your deposit:

If you can join us on our FASHION AFRICA SOURCING TRIPS – Ghana in March then great! 

We have a full packed schedule – You will visit garment factories, visit artisans and designers in their studios, try out traditional techniques like BATIK and KENTE weaving for yourself in Accra, Cape Coast, Tema and more towns!. Get close up and personal with them all and we will save you time and get you connected FAST! 

See our video here to get you ready for it!

We also have an added bonus of our intimate FASHION AFRICA VOICES seminar in partnership with the British Council for you to attend with a networking cocktail drinks night – so network and discuss your business with international business specialists and the fashion crowd there too.

So do have a think over the next few days and if interested in any of the options do get back to me by TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13th with your thoughts on moving forward at

We are offering a special 10% discount ALSO to our Mailchimp group members. Just put MAILCHIMP in your subject line when you email.
I am here to support you, as your success adds to my own success when you work with me. And overall it adds to Africa’s development and growth in trade and that is something I strive to see happen effectively in my lifetime.

I am looking forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity and encourage you to go F.A.S.T. with us in Ghana for our new business mission trips – Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips!

With love from Africa
Jacqueline Shaw

Africa Fashion Guide Ltd


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