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April 16th, 2020

Guaranteed Monthly Income with an African Fashion Business Model!

Yesterday, on our weekly Winning Wednesday session in our facebook Group African Fashion Entrepreneurs I explained to the group (as part of a series this April) a profitable business model that they could start TODAY that would guarantee them regular monthly income. Sounds good? Intrigued? Read on!

Firstly if you are not yet in my facebook group do make sure to come hang out with us over there 🙂 link here:

In the interim I’ve got you! I have repurposed this training in my youtube video here: and REMEMBER – DO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE to my channel as I upload a new video every Thursday. But before you go there, do read on as I want to help you with implementing this.

So here is the quick outline… let me explain.

Question…Do you presently have a subscription with any of these companies … The Gym; or Netflix; or Adobe?

You see they are all known as subscription business models which receive payments from customers monthly. It’s a recurring income And a great way to keep money coming in your business and grants you repeat customers.

In african fashion there’s opportunities to do this with head wraps or with waxprint fabric offerings!

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I too have a subscription membership business model in my business offerings and would love to help you to have this too!

I am inviting just 10 people who have considered OR who would like to start a headwrap / waxprint / other subscription business model to jump on a call with me next week. Just 10 as I have to be realistic with time.

My calendar link is here:

We will discuss your options and I will advise the different ways I can help you start that up. (via my 121 coaching or the most affordable way is by joining my own membership club theFAMILY where we will work on your business idea over 6 months and you can gain suppliers of fabric via our sourcing agency theFATE)

The initial calls are free you just need to book the call, fill out the questions as honestly as possible and show up.

Now back to the video *|FNAME|*, as YOUR African Fashion Business Coach. I explain in this weeks video an opportunity for you to trade WITH Africa to build with Africa through a subscription business model.

Watch this short training and gain valuable insights and practical advice so you can be better equipped during and following this pandemic.

Grab these insights to support you as you get set to grow your African fashion business or even to start up today in Africa. REMEMBER – DO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE to my channel as I upload a new video every Thursday

Do let me know your thoughts leave a comment below, and do make sure when you log on to subscribe to my youtube too!



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