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December 28th, 2011

Green Fashion Competition -Part 2- deadline looming!

Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation launched a competition in token of the international Year of Biodiversity;  The Green Fashion Competition.

The Green Fashion Competition is a competition for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, for individuals (and teams) with a vision of what the future of fashion should look like. The aim of the competition is to find the talented entrepreneurs in the industry who aim to create a fashion business while sustaining biodiversity. The only way in which this can be done is when entrepreneurs are able to find a balance between the economical, ecological and social impact of their ideas; a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Biodiversity is a term derived from the words ‘Bio‘ which means life, and ‘diversity‘ which means variation. It covers all of the world’s ecosystems from the life in the sea to that in the sky. This competition is a recognition of the extremely destructive effect that mankind’s consumption of raw materials and modern production techniques is having on the world’s biodiversity. Examples of this are the unaccountable amounts of water wasted in many production techniques, the chemicals used in dyes and other treatments that pollute the environment, and the extent to which large scale agriculture (eg cotton fields) destroys natural habitats.

TGFC logo – image copyright – Green_Fashion_Competition – AIFW_2011

So the Green Fashion Competition title for this year is: Sewing the seeds for the future of fashion and is aimed at entrepreneurs who can create exciting fashion, while sustaining our world’s biodiversity. The Green Fashion Competition will provide coaching, support, an international platform and sizeable financial aid for launching the ideas of creative entrepreneurs.

So if you are a creative entrepreneurs with a vision on ‘the future of fashion’ check out their page to see if you are eligible to participate in The Green Fashion Competition. The competition is open for Dutch nationals as well as all international citizens. There are two categories that you may fit into. The second category is for recent graduates and designers who have presented less than three collections. The first category is for recognised fashion enterprises, who have presented at least three collections. Your challenge is to design three outfits and write a business plan, which explain how your fashion enterprise contributes to sustaining Biodiversity.

image copyright – Green_Fashion_Competition – AIFW_2011
image copyright – Green_Fashion_Competition – AIFW_2011

Besides first prizes of €25.000,- & €15.000, a show at Amsterdam International Fashion Week, visibility in Sublime magazine and connection with the Fashion Week network. As well as one-on-one coaching and tailored workshops on entrepreneurship, biodiversity, innovation and technology for those who participate.

With a continent enriched with natural resources such as Africa, it would be great to see applicants participate from various African backgrounds. If you feel you are eligible we encourage  you to apply now and let us know how you get on. We could follow your story too.

Enrolment is possible until September 30th. For exact information on enrolment do visit

So don’t delay, put your work out there too and take part in this fantastic opportunity!

Author: Jacqueline Shaw



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