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October 4th, 2019

FIVE Myths you have been Sold about Starting an African Fashion business

Can I set your mind free right now?

If so please read on.

I am going to share with you that there are many things that you do NOT need in order to be “ready” to build your fashion business made in Africa. These are purely MYTHS and I want to debunk them, annihilate them, kick them to the kerb and overthrow them because the alternative truths prove the opposite of what people think.

Firstly the MYTH that Africa can’t make fashion product and no one is making fashion there.

Errrm hello!!!

Need I keep repeating that the likes of GAP, Stella McCartney, H&M, Calvin Klein, Calzedonia, Wrangler, PVH Group….shall i go on???

Do you know I work with factories in Africa that have produced for ASOS and even Kanye West!

YOU can be working with these same factories and more! And the way to do this is by becoming one of the cohort of my Fashion Africa Business training. REPLY if interested in learning more.

Myth no.2 – That you need a fashion degree to set up a fashion business in Africa


Did you know that Vivienne Westwood herself, has no fashion degree yet is one of the Worlds’ famous catwalk designers! (who also has production in Africa!).

All you need to start is a vision, creativity, an eye for style and determination to bring your dream alive with my help.

This photo is from Studio 189, 2019 collection, and do you know neither of the company owners has a design degree either yet did you see their last catwalk show at NYFW!

Image result for studio 189 nyfw 2020
image WWD magazine

Many of my clients on my F.A.B training equally do not have a degree and yet are smashing their dream in Africa! You too can do just like when as a part of the next F.A.B cohort. Work with me to bust these myths and build a profitable business in Africa.

Then Myth no 3… this one is a valid one I admit…

but I still beg to differ.. I will explain shortly.

Myth says that you must travel to Africa to be able to start a fashion business in Africa and to meet suppliers and manufacturers – oh come on!

Many of my clients in the beginning to do. One of my clients just completed a 4000 piece order with 3 suppliers in Africa and has NEVER stepped foot on the continent! With my help and connections you can start a business in Africa whilst sitting at your kitchen table.

My clients get this level of production results from working with me and especially if you’re a good fit for my training program F.A.B then I can help you do the same – so go here to book a call

There are two more myths that are totally crazy and you will never guess what they are. ONE in particular is seriously offending me as a myth. DO check out the latest video over on my youtube channel here in order to learn what they are. The video breaks down these 5 myths about African fashion that YOU need to get OUT of your head and will inspire you to why and the next steps you can take going forward for success with your business idea.

SO YES. You CAN start your business even without a fashion degree or industry experience,‬ ‪or even if you do not have existing contacts in Africa ‬or have yet to visit Africa.

Let me help you to kickstart your fashion business made in Africa before 2019 ends – reply and message me if you’d like to know how

Don’t start your African fashion business without me.

This is the #yearofreturn and the #africanfashion market is waiting to do business with you and for you.

So let’s build business that builds TRADE WITH AFRICA not AID FOR AFRICA.

And I look forward to helping you to doing business in Africa with us this year.


Remember these tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg really when it comes to doing business responsibly and sourcing sustainably. Every Sunday I will be sharing with you more tips on sourcing in Africa. Do make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox weekly for these insights.

Need more active help with sourcing better in Africa? Then you can book a call with me at to work closely on your sourcing strategy as a means to accelerate your business forward.



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