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August 14th, 2020

Finding Quality Manufacturers in Africa – AFRICAN BUSINESS

So the big question I get asked all the time is.. just HOW do you find quality African suppliers!

In this business training I speak to you, the fashion business owner who is seeking to produce in Africa; the business owner who desires to expand your African sourcing strategy and don’t know how, to you who are feeling overwhelmed with where to produce in Africa and to you who feel lost in finding reliable partners to work with in Africa 

Please. Please. STOP. Pause. NO MORE OVERWHELM! 

Because in this video i will share with you the 3 types of manufacturers you want to work with in Africa, the myths you are believing that are not going to help you to grow and scale as you need to be growing and scaling in order to get sales, and I explain why your sample quality may have dropped 

You probably think maybe it is because you don’t have enough fashion contacts in Africa, that not having a fashion design background disqualifies you; That a lack of a degree in fashion means you are unable to create a fashion business made in Africa that sells. 

But I am here to tell you that NONE of these things matter. 

Maybe You’ve sourced production before in Africa and its been poorly made You’ve been disheartened You felt let down and doubted African production as a while Now you just don’t want to go through that again and waste time and money It did NOT work for you and you felt low But you’re still passionate and would like to build your FMIA businesses 

So let me break down some answers for you in todays video.

Do check it out today but don’t forget 
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Watch and gain valuable insights and practical advice so you can be better set to start up today in Africa. 




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