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December 28th, 2011

FIMA 2011 a tribute to the Black Diaspora – EVENT

We are all very passionate about this beautiful international event, FIMA, which features cultural events: Fashion, Music, Arts to celebrate creation, its fundamentals and developments. Despite that Alphadi’s workshops in the centre of Niamey were ravaged on recently by a blaze of unknown origin, the FIMA shows will still go on.

“The FIMA will indeed take place on the planned dates, that’s to say November 23 to 27 in Niamey,” Alphadi told AFP, adding that “what happened has nothing to do with the holding of the FIMA.” The festival is “a key event for Niger and it will be bigger than ever,” added the designer.

image courtesy – FIMA

ALPHADI, whose full name is Seidnaly Sidahmed Alphadi, is nicknamed the Magician of the Desert, was born in Timbuktu, Mali, and is also the Founding President of the African Federation of Couture (1994) as well as the Founding President of FIMA – International Festival of African Fashion (1998). After his studies in Tourism and Marketing, ALPHADI pursued his passion: fashion. He then joined the studio of fashion design Chardon Savard in Paris and was later invited by leading designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Christian Lacroix and many others. As long with launching his fragrance line, the Air, in 2001, Alphadi launched a clothing line of sportswear and perfumes ALPHADI FOR MEN and ALPHADI FOR WOMAN in 2005. The African soul reflects in his creations.

Famous fashion designer ALPHADI has shown for ten years an original and innovative ambition: to celebrate FASHION while making the people in power aware of the fact that this sector brings potentials and opportunities for Africa. Beyond a simple Fashion show, it was about reuniting actors in the same space to reveal the cultural riches of Africa worldwide. FIMA, like a dream of Fashion, then opened a new chapter of culture in Niger and in Africa. It has since become a source of African pride. The FIMA 2011 will run from Wednesday 23 to Sunday, November 27th 2011 in Niamey, Capital of Niger.

Since the first edition of FIMA when it launched in 1998, the International Festival of African Fashion, with its Young Designers and Top Models contests, takes place on the African continent to help African artists in expressing their talent on a cultural and international platform. Now FIMA plan to implement new actions in favor of other priorities such as health and education to help the African continent, beginning with the Niger during the 2011 FIMA event. They recognise that these actions are vital for the people and essential for the development of Africa.

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture collection – FIMA 2000

Alphadi Haute Couture FIMA 2009 – image courtesy – FIMA

It has already been thirteen years since this dream became reality! With the eighth edition coming in November 2011 and, as always, with so much enthusiasm, dynamism and commitment to put Africa and its designers at the forefront of the international scene of Arts and Fashion, the continues to fight, in its own way, for Peace, Culture and Development in the world.


–              A Humanitarian Free Concert to relay messages to the Youth through music about education and health.
–              The Development of the Library of Niamey: collections of books for all ages.
–              5000 backpacks “Education” FIMA filled with pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, markers and so forth, to be distributed in several schools in Niamey, Dosso and Daman.
–              2 days of free medical visits with 5 or 6 general practitioners or doctors working in several specialties such as: gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology in two villages of Niger undergoing the most difficulties, with the donations of prescribed drugs.
–             Organization of a Workshop – Debate, OPEN TO ALL:
Creativity at the service of the research of effective solutions to battle against health and education issues, with the implementation of a FOLLOW-UP to assess the actions’ results, to later change and adapt them for the better.

This International Festival of African Fashion started in the desert of Tiguidit, made a stop in Gabon and landed for this 2011 edition, which will take place in the heart of Niamey, the capital of Niger. It became a tradition. A multidisciplinary tradition since FIMA is primarily the promotion of creative Africa, where fashion, music, different cultures and the arts combine to give new life to cultural industries. FIMA now holds a special place in events that confirmed to the world that Africa is more than ever a land of creation.

With the support of their institutional partners, the State of Niger through the Ministries of Culture and Affairs, the Francophonie, the French Institute, the European Union and UNESCO, FIMA 2011 has become a tribute to the Black World and its Diaspora. All of his actions, both cultural and humanitarian, led the President of Niger to appoint ALPHADI as Commander of Arts and Culture.

The new dream of ALPHADI is an essential factor for the transmission of knowledge and promotes the presence of African artists INTERNATIONALLY. His godfather is the prestigious Embroiderer, François Lesage, representing the Living French Heritage, known in French as “Patrimoine Vivant Français”.

The first SHOW of African FASHION and ART intended to facilitate meetings between buyers and sellers, this first show of Haute Couture, sculptures, paintings and jewellery will promote African cultural exchanges. This exhibition will focus on the African potentials in creativity and quality in production. It will be a major activity of the festival as it is intended to be a forum for the interactions of experiences that will allow entrepreneurs from the milieu of textile and fashion to expand their commercial horizons.

image courtesy – FIMA

This project is the first event that has put back the well deserved place of nobility of African Fashion into the small circle of international high fashion. Today, it is with great pride and satisfaction, given the effect of training the FIMA rose through various African capitals, that they can say there is a FASHION “MADE IN AFRICA”.

To always allow for African designers to impose themselves on the international market, ALPHADI’s new initiative is the creation of the GRADUATE SCHOOL of Fashion and Arts in Niamey, from the model of the FRENCH INSTITUTE of FASHION (IFM) in Paris. The aim is also to create businesses and development of existing businesses in the occupations of Fashion and Art. The industrialization of some of these businesses will also be taught. In addition, buyers / sellers meetings will be organized at FIMA 2011 during an “INTERNATIONAL SALON of AFRICAN FASHION and ART”.

The FIMA YOUNG DESIGNERS contest – André JEMANN Promotion launched at FIMA 2003, this competition aims to identify the young talents of living fashion working in Africa in order to offer them the opportunity for a career internationally. This eighth edition will have the particularity of a competition between young fashion talents of the black Diaspora. A panel of fashion professionals will meet in Paris to select ten candidates to be supported by the FIMA so they can have 10 original works within their latest collection at the parade under the FIMA in Niamey. The chosen applicants will later have to present an outfit of High Fashion. To nominate the winners, an international jury of designers, journalists, and fashion professionals will meet in Niamey to select three winners who will receive the following prizes:

First prize = Cheich Gold, Promotion André JEMANN

Second prize = Cheich Silver, Promotion André JEMANN

Third prize = Cheich Bronze, Promotion André JEMANN

The three winners will receive an internship with a Designer, and also may display their creations at various exhibitions in Paris. A scholarship will be granted to enable them to better sell and get noticed internationally.

The TOP MODEL is an opportunity given to young African postulants to express their talent and beauty on their continent. These young women are invited to come forward at FIMA and make their presence to the fashion professionals and journalists from around the world present at FIMA. During the night of November 25th, both elegance and grace will dazzle us all. FIMA hopes to encourage major career on a par with those of the top models previously invited by FIMA such as Ana Getaneh, Alek Wek, Mame Kewey, Valerie k

FIMA is now a project that can significantly help develop, promote strengthening ties of cooperation and friendship and contribute in bringing together the people of Africa. In 1998, it helped restore peace in northern Niger. The success experienced by this project is ever so apparent since its first edition among the already carried out operations through FIMA:

• The construction of a road, 80 km long, between Agadez and the desert Tiguidit, classified by the UNESCO as a site of FIMA 1998.

• The reopening of the airport of Agadez Mano Dayak for FIMA 1998

• An exhibition and sale of works of African designers in Paris at the Galeries Lafayette, inaugurated by Mr. Abdou Diouf, with the FIMA 2000

• The electrification of the village of Boubon and its school with FIMA 2003

In terms of tourism, with the Museum of Niamey FIMA gives a cultural dimension to the destination of Niger. This festival attracts a large number of visitors resulting in hotel rooms, catering, transportation and crafts’ purchases. Finally, the dynamic of the festival has created a permanent structure that will foster excellence through knowledge: the GRADUATE SCHOOL of FASHION and ARTS

List of PARTICIPATING DESIGNERS from five continents include:

Paul Hervé, Elisabeth Sandra Cardoso M (Mozambique)

Claire Kane, Colle Sow Ardo (Sénégal)

Jean Doucet, Impasse Defence, Merclé Marie, Eres (France)

Bamondi (Togo)

Elie Kuam, Mickael Kra (France/Côte d’Ivoire)

Anderson d, Pathéo, Gilles Toure, Nawel Flassad (Côte d’Ivoire)


Jemann, Imane Ayissi (Cameroon)

Anna Getaneh (Ethiopia)

Gavin Rajah (South Africa)

Pepita D (Benin)

Korotimi, Bazem’se (Burkina Faso)

Kofi Ansah (Ghana)

Hindi Mahdi (Lebanon)

Dou Couture, Maimour (Mali)

Eric Raisina (Madagascar / Cambodia)

Mike Sylla (Nigeria)

Thulare Monareng (South Africa)

Serge Mouangue (Japan / Cameroon)

Raf Simmons (Belgium)

The schedule for the FIMA 2011 is as follows

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10am-4pm – Opening of the African Fashion Show and Art

5pm – Opening Ceremony and presentation of FIMA FIMA in the Village Niamey Photo EXPO “the FIMA”

9pm – Great night of music with international and local artists

Thursday, November 24, 2011

9:30am-4pm African Fashion Show and Art

10am – GRADUATE SCHOOL of FASHION and ARTS in Niamey Courses and debates with artists, professionals in the works of FASHION and ART: – School Curriculum – the different courses – exchanges with FASHION schools in the world – expectations from future students

9pm – Pan-African Parade

Friday, November 25, 2011

9:30am-6pm African Fashion Show and Art

9am-12pm Children’s Day, Distribution of gifts (FIMA backpacks with school supplies)

2pm-3pm Donation of Books for the Library of Niamey

8:30pm Contest “FIMA Young Designers” – Contest “FIMA Top Model” Competition Results

Saturday, November 26, 2011

9:30-12am Fair of African Fashion and Art

3pm Visit to the Museum of Niamey

7pm Dinner on the site of FIMA

9pm Great Night of FIMA 2011 with the Parade of Fashion Designers from five continents. Sponsored by Mrs. Idriss Debi Itno, First Lady of Chad – Madame Djénné Kaba Conde, Guinea’s First Lady – Mrs. Chantale Kampowré,First Lady of Burkina Fasso – Ladies Mahamadou ISSOUFOU

Sunday, November 27, 2011

10am-12pm – Closing of the Fair of African Fashion and Art – Great lunch with traditional meals and special entertainment NIGER

For more information contact them by email:

Office    FIMA    Niamey: 


Office    FIMA    Paris    and    New    York



OR email:



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