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August 1st, 2012


Renowned Ethiopian designer Fikirte Addis is known for utilizing the most sophisticated and traditional Ethiopian fabrics to create modern and luxurious clothing. At Origin Africa 2011, Addis outshined twelve talented designers from across the continent and gained herself a spot at AFWNY. Her designs received overwhelming feedback and therefore, Adiat Disu, Adirée President and Director of Africa Fashion Week New York, invited the young designer to showcase her work again at this year’s event. Ethiopian fabrics are well known for their sophistication, colorfulness and uniqueness. Addis is able to tip toe that fine line between cultural inspiration and modernity without losing balance.

Fikirte Addis showcased her collection on the Africa Fashion Week New York catwalk on Saturday, July 14th for her second year at the event. Africa Fashion Week New York, the luxury multi-day event produced by Adirée and took place at the Broad Street Ballroom on July 1214 in New York City’s financial District. Inspired by her country’s culture and vibrant environment to reflect the everyday life of the people, the Ethiopian designer Fikirte Addis is known for giving the everyday cultural wear a modern twist.

In a recent interview, Addis stated, “I don’t want my designs to lose their traditional touch. I want everyone to recognize them as Ethiopian wherever they are seen. At the same time, I do my best to make them comfortable and easy so that they can suit the modern women. My greatest challenge while designing is finding this balance.”

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (17)

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (16)

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (15)

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (14)

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (10)

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week in New York AFWNY 2012 (3)

Addis relates every day wear merging modernity, culture and nature’s touch and that unique sense of style has made her competitive at international fashion arena.

AFWNY features runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. Opening designers Francis Hendy, Korto Momolu, and designers like Mafi, Attolle Collection, Geraldo Fashions and others will showcase.

For More Information Contact:

Adirée │Public Relations
Maia Butler

EVENT: Africa Fashion Week | New York 2012
SPONSORS: Origin Africa, Smart Water, Renarda Joy, Soul Purpose
PHOTOGRAPHER: Avaloni Studios
MAKE UP : Renarda Joy
HAIR : Renarda Joy
FOOTWEAR : Susie Sawaya
ACCESSORIES (Assorted) : Donna Dove , Nakate, Winnie Burch, Ill La La , MABM, Nadir Tati, Lisa Keating and Fienes Couture



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