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January 21st, 2015

Fashion With A Purpose… Letreecha “sea swa”

Although protection and warmth may have been the purpose of the invention of clothes, we believe that in in addition to the obvious function of providing protection and warmth, clothing serve many other purposes and most of them having to do with communicating our identity to others. Status or Identification with one’s social group is clearly a very important purpose of dress and with that Letreecha was born.

Born in a rather small village of Botlokwa just outside Polokwane Matome Rapholo is a former IT Specialist who switched computers for sewing machines. In 2012 Matome quit his job as an IT specialist to focus on his dream of owning a fashion label which was established three years before “I love fashion and finer things in life. But most importantly I have always asked myself whether quotes about hard-work were true and if really anything is possible. Making things happen makes me tick and I needed to prove myself that everything is possible” It was because of this hunger for success, the love for finer things in life and seeing the market to improve the fashion industry in this country that the clothing label Le-tree-cha (let the tree burn), which derives its name from a SePedi term “Se a swa” which translates to the beat goes on was born.

The brand which brings a fresh, unique and unconventional edge to the local clothing label scene. “Dressing the future in Unconventional Style” (from the idea that Letreecha is not common and simple). The brand Letreecha derives its inspiration from hard-working young people from all walks of life.  It seeks to be the epitome of drive, ambition and success.  The Letreecha man/woman has a burning ambition to be great and successful at what they do whilst dressing the part. They aspire to reach the highest levels of success through hard-work and enjoyment.  These individuals wear Letreecha because they do not believe in the conventional and simple.  To them, clothing should be an expression of their unique personality.

They are always pushing the boundaries and finding their own way of doing things and all this while looking fine.  The Letreecha man/woman is a go getter, does not believe in the impossible and plants the seed of positivity wherever they go. In addition to the clothes, Letreecha also designs bags which some were featured in an informal collaboration with renowned fashion designer Zano Sithetho’s Skorzch at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week Joburg early last year.

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Writer: Tshepi Matloga

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