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February 7th, 2017

Fashion Sourced in Africa? Let’s go F.A.S.T together this March 2017


U.K. based company, Africa Fashion Guide Ltd launch our first sourcing trips in 2017 in partnership with local host British Council Ghana and Hatch Africa, tailored towards fashion industry professionals and visionaries looking to explore opportunities to produce socially conscious fashion products in Africa.

After 5 years hosting our popular Fashion Africa Conference and Fashion Africa Business Workshops we have decided, as requested by our followers and network, to develop and deliver Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips (F.A.S.T.). (Deadline to register deposit = Feb 13th!)

Select image to see video – Join F.A.S.T Ghana – Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips March 2017



In a report by the AfDB, Africa currently accounts for 1.9% of global trade. The global fashion industry is estimated to now be worth $1.3 trillion and estimated to be worth $2 trillion by 2020. Within Africa, the entire textile/clothing market is already worth more than $31billion and accounts for the second largest number of jobs in developing countries after agriculture.

The artisan craft sector is the second largest employer in the developing world. In the next five years, Africa’s textile industry could generate $15.5 billion revenue. But according to the 2006 UN Human Development Report, Sub-Saharan Africa loses about 5% of GDP through shrinking trade income, this equates to around $28.4 billion annually Africa will rise not by charity or aid but through investment and trade so business acumen and an understanding of this emerging market is key to the development of a strong African economy.

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Through the Ethical Fashion movement, opportunities exist for African fashion businesses to successfully compete in a lucrative international market for fashion.     In general, clothing and textiles represents about 7% of world exports and apparel manufacturing is shifting with the frontier of production is moving to Africa. It is becoming a top garment sourcing destination and an emerging competitor for clothing brands.

According to McKinsey top global CPOs by 2020 “expect to increase their sourcing share from Africa by a factor of nine”. It’s possible to not only manufacture cost-competitive clothing in Africa with a focus on quality, but also with a focus on ethical standards and capacity building with a positive environmental impact.

This all agrees with the opportunity of Africa that the World Economic Forum has told us, that:

Africa is on the brink of a major transformation… the outlook for the region remains bright at a time when the rest of the world is facing major political and economic challenges.”



This series of immersive fashion business mission trips titled F.A.S.T. are focused on connecting the fashion business world with the producers and artisans in Africa. Our initiative is focused on development and so we aim to build direct relationships with the fashion design community and artisan focused social enterprises throughout the African continent.


These trips have been tailored specifically for design industry professionals as well as sourcing specialists and product developers. Being practical and hands-on sourcing trips, the interaction provided with those on the ground and the chance to network with those in the field, allows for real business opportunities. We have curated a group of individual businesses and organisations to partake.

Register your interest at:

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F.A.S.T is a newly created set of business trips in various African countries (first stop Ghana in March 2017) for established industry professionals including director level, Design, Merchandising, Production/Sourcing, CSR, who are exploring new socially responsible ways of sourcing and manufacturing with a focus on the Africa continent.



The itinerary includes an exploration of these businesses through on-site visits of Artisans workshops and manufacturers factory houses. We will deliver workshops and undertake practical activities and provide opportunities to meet with local designers in their stores and/or studios. You will also attend business enterprise panel discussion events as well as business feasibility workshops with professionals in the field of businesses and entrepreneurship (from a local and country government perspective), to assess your business aims and objectives, including social enterprise and business models used.

We challenge you as a business to work together with the manufacturers and artisans to create foremost beautiful and desirable, competitive products, which not only meet industry standards, but also preserve the local and traditional artisanal techniques, alongside maintaining social responsibility throughout. Are you up for it? Then join us on our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips.

F.A.S.T in 2017 will have trips to Ghana in March, Kenya in Sept, and Ethiopia in November. For 2018 we plan to introduce further locations in Africa.


Deadline to register deposit = Feb 13th!





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