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April 22nd, 2014

Fashion Revolution Day – WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?? Get involved on April 24th

For those who may not be aware this Thursday 24th April marks Fashion Revolution Day. And with Tuesday 22nd April being Earth Day the timing could not have been more  apt.

On 24th April each year, Fashion Revolution Day will bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.

It is a global movement uniting those in the industry and calling upon all involved in the international Fashion and Textile industry to work together to create an environmental sustainability. Being that Africa Fashion Guide is a social enterprise and consultancy that supports and promotes sustainability in the full supply chain of Africa’s textile industry, we just had to get on board and support this cause with the inaugural event focusing on transparency. (You can read more about what the team at Fashion Revolution Day are calling for here.)

Fashion Revolution Day takes place on April 24th  to mark the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh in 2013. On this day last year 1133 people died in the tragic Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh with hundreds injured and hundreds of children orphaned as a result. Fashion Revolution Day will act as a momentus campaign to most importantly remember all those who suffered in the name of fashion. And above all to educate and raise awareness about the fashion supply chain.

Dhaka Savar Building Collapse. Photography by rijans

Dhaka Savar Building Collapse. Photography by rijans

One way that they are asking you to get involved and how we also will be supporting the campaign is by asking followers on facebook, twitter and pinterest 1) the simple question “Who Made Your Clothes?” and 2) asking you to tag us or tweet us or pin us selfies of you wearing your clothes on the inside out.

I know you are thinking … that sounds weird…but it is a very clever way of highlighting their aim or transparency and encouraging consumers to be more aware of where their clothes are made and who made their clothes. By having the label on the outside this helps us to think more about this. I will be definitely doing this and rocking a piece of African made clothing in to highlight our support of ethical made in Africa apparel. So we urge you to join us (don’t forget to @Fashion_Rev so they can see who is supporting too!)

FRD believes that together we can use the powerful industry of fashion to embark on a road to change and encourage positive movements in the supply chain.

Next Thursday, take a photo of yourself wearing your clothes inside out and post on social media @Fash_Rev, @AfricaFashGuide with #InsideOut to show your support.

See who else are supporting this campaign

VV Brown says we need legislation that makes corporate slavery illegal (Picture: Trevor Leighton)

VV Brown says we need legislation that makes corporate slavery illegal (Picture: Trevor Leighton)

Caryn Franklin.jpg

We love how our friends over at SOKO Kenya are supporting the campaign





(all above photos courtesy of SOKO Kenya unless stated)

And dont forget, make sure to find out whats happening in your area and get more involved.

To learn more about the campaign, the organisers and the background to this – do check out the website here.




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