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January 30th, 2012

FAFA – Festival for African Fashion and Arts – Back for 2012! – EVENT

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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FAFA was set-up in 2008 during the post-election violence which took place in Kenya. Organised by individuals from different nationalities and walks of life who came together with the belief that peace is fundamental to development and prosperity and that positive change comes when we stop focusing on the negative and encourage the inspiring and positive.

image courtesy FAFA

As many countries throughout the region continue to know human rights abuse, civil unrest and war, FAFA aims to change perceptions of other communities one mind at a time by exploring and bridging cultures through fashion, art and music. Festival for Fashion and Arts, organises ‘Fashion for Peace’ which is focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion designers from across the continent. FAFA’s main event is an annual, glamorous fashion show which takes place in Nairobi, Kenya known as ‘Fashion for Peace’. It brings together established African designers and creative individuals who are supportive of the continent and celebrates the immense creative talent being nurtured in Africa that undoubtedly deserves global recognition. FAFA believes that exploring and bridging cultures through fashion, art and music influences positive perceptions communities have of each other.

palvika rathod – image courtesy of FAFA

La Lesso – image courtesy of FAFA

John Kaveke – image courtesy of FAFA

FAFA’s board consists of a multi-disciplined and cultured team of professionals with an interest in the Arts, including Doudou Sarr, Thierry de Oliveira, Patricia Okelo, Hebret Lakew, Lara Mastropasqua and founder, Ann McCreath.

Following the huge success and overwhelmingly positive response of previous FAFA ‘Fashion for Peace’ Gala Nights, FAFA is proud to present it’s 4th edition 30th June 2012 – ‘FAFA Fashion Week’. This year sees the introduction of several new projects including ‘FAFA Insight’ which is focused on giving young, up and coming designers and creative enthusiasts an opportunity to showcase their talents and network with professionals in the creative industries through a series of competitions, workshops and master classes. The Fashion for Peace Gala Night takes place November 17th 2012.

FAFA has been involved in a series of initiatives focused on assisting and encouraging development in community groups across the country. ‘Fashion for Peace’, as a not-for-profit event thrives on helping local initiatives when possible and in the past this has included:

ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE PROJECT involved in building non-violence skills and helping people process recent events in affected communities across Kenya.


SEED OF HOPE involved in fighting poverty by giving disadvantaged, vulnerable teenage girls dignity, opportunity and hope primarily through teaching them tailoring & craft skills.

FAFA believes that:

  • There is unity in diversity
  • Positive change comes when we stop focusing on the negative and encourage the inspiring and the positive
  • Africa deserves to have a light shone on the talent and creative energy which exists on the continent.

Because of this Fashion for Peace will continue to organise events as a call for peace on the African continent. FAFA has a guaranteed track record and is definitely THE glamour event on the annual Kenyan events calender. It is an ideal opportunity to entertain both clients and guests, and show them the best of African hospitality and creativity.

For any queries, questions or comments contact directly.

Check out the new website on –

Follow them on twitter as well – @FAFA_KENYA



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