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July 13th, 2014

Eki Orleans AW14 collection goes all Rhythmic

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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Showcasing her elegant floaty designs, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans has created a beautiful AW14 collection that highlights the best feature in all women—their inner goddess.

Fashion Africa book featured designer  Eki Orleans presents her AW14 collection. She asks us to imagine the hypnotic beat of African drums, the seductive rhythm of salsa and dancing to samba on a balmy night in Rio, and you have the spirit of the Eki Orleans AW14 collection.  Music has always been a powerful source of inspiration for Eki Orleans Creative Director, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans and this season she translated her love for Afro-cuban music into an extraordinary collection, aptly named Rhythm.

Featuring the Eki Orleans signature silks and ethereal chiffons, the Rhythm collection is replete with exquisite garments that seem to move to their own harmonious beat.  “I wanted to capture the rawness of the African drum and the melodic elements of samba, in a way that inspired spontaneity, fun and playfulness”, explained the designer. Using a dazzling array of golds and blues in sensual and sophisticated silhouettes, the designer created modern and elegant pieces that are fun and playful.

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The name ‘Eki’ means centre of attraction and being the centre of attraction is a natural consequence of wearing an Eki Orleans creation. The brand’s design aesthetic is bold and colorful prints in sophisticated and elegant silhouettes. The Eki Orleans is about narrating African stories on luxurious silks. Their design aesthetic is bold and colorful prints in sophisticated and elegant silhouettes. And they only work with natural fibres and strongly believe in sustainability. All of their garments are made in the UK, allowing them to maintain high standards in finishing and quality.

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