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March 20th, 2015

“Dakar city of birds” an experimental, curious and diverse AW15 collection by Selly Raby Kanw

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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We always love to see fresh new stuff coming from African designers. We believe these designers have something more to add and are making a stand for their space in the global fashion industry. And we feel that it is designers like Selly Raby who are forefronters in this movement.
Selly Raby Kane is a clothing line created in 2008 by Senegalese designer Selly Raby. The designs embody a mix of urban, Afro and pop. While offering contemporary clothing to the international fashion forward person, Selly Raby Kane’s signature is a mixture of modern and trendy, while partnering traditional and contemporary fabrics.
The brand expresses the spirit of a new generation: assertive, rebellious, free spirited and sophisticated. The designs embody the ultimate blend of a strong urban color pallete with worldly details. It is a mix of influences and trends for a unique and uninhibited style with attention to detail and a passion for accessories.
This winter,SellyRaby Kane imagines an eclectic wardrobe where birds and sea creatures, wool and basin, melt to create an androgynous, playful, colorful and world inspired wardrobe. Kimonosare embellished with classic quilted wax prints, mixed with shrimps and parrots while sweatersare patched in a Senegalesebayefall style. This collection is a joyful and borderless space,the expression of an inner thirst for experimentation, curiosity and diversity.

Check it out and share your thoughts.
Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Joire
Styling: Selly Raby Kane
Mua: Khady Niang
Model: Aida
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