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June 21st, 2019

COME WITH ME TO AFRICA THIS AUTUMN and meet African suppliers!

I need to remind you about your opportunity to actually do business on the ground in Africa. To remind you that this is the year of return and the African fashion market is waiting to do business with you and for you.

We are here to do business in Africa right?!


Registrations are open for our annual F.A.S.T trips!

That’s right! YOUR opportunity to source your African suppliers in Ghana and Kenya is now open for you to join our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips 2019 edition.

BUT only 8 spaces are available per trip, spaces are already booking up and you must secure your space with your deposit by June 30th.

We had a webinar see link here for the replay (it comes down on Sunday) and you can learn more about sourcing in Africa and the upcoming trips.

But in a nutshell here is what you can expect to meet:

  • fashion manufacturers of factories large and small
  • makers of gorgeous leather products who even made the leather bags for Edun
  • meet with the bag factory who makes for Vivienne Westwood and Adidas
  • women cooperative weaving groups
  • luxury hand made kente weaving artisan groups

  • government officials, trade ministers and industry expertsthese meetings are the prize of our trips you CANNOT get such access normally and the value is associated with this opportunity
  • shoemakers crafting leather shoes and sandals from locally sourced leather
  • bag makers for bags made from raffia or leather or beads or??? Let’s explore!

  • women’s community groups who produce hand printed batik textiles so you can make your own unique prints and not fall in to the trap of using the same wax print as someone else.
  • and visit a wax print house!

And this is just a snippet!

On top of this you’ll visit local sites in both Ghana and Kenya and have a cultural experience that is second to none!



Beside ALL this you will also get:

  • Live coaching session with me prior to the trip and during the trip  (Value: $1275)

I’ll be giving concrete answers to any questions you may have as you build and grow your own fashion business in Africa. This is your time to ask me ANYTHING about African fashion business today. I’m pulling the back the curtain during these calls and exposing everything that is working (and not working) in your businesses and the industry as a whole so YOU can stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks

  • Live Access to suppliers and industry experts on the ground (Value: $6500)

Get access to the trainings and presentations from industry experts that will enhance your knowledge on the industry and will further concrete your understanding of building business in Africa. You will learn from them systems, new tools and gain further insights into developing your own fashion business made in Africa.

  • Hotel Accommodation (Value: $1000)

Local accommodation as part of the trip prepared for you with breakfast for the week


  • Transport on the ground (Value: $625)

Airport pick up and return and local transport to visit suppliers in and outside of the local town as part of the trip prepared for you in advance.

This entire trip is valued at over $9400, but you can get started today from as little as $330 (247GBP)

The small investment you make will completely change the trajectory of your business 

SO I invite you to register on our trips for one of 8 spaces per trip and as said places are going already.

Click below and LET’S GET YOU SIGNED UP!

Book for Ghana here

Or Kenya here


By joining Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips – F.A.S.T – you will be lead directly to the experienced professional suppliers you’ll need for your business as well as take you to meet with industry leaders ministers and more on the ground.

We are going to Ghana on October 28th and Kenya this November 18th for one week.

So whatever you may be thinking of producing, for just a small deposit of £247 you will be able to explore on the ground the best artisans and manufacturers for your business in our upcoming sourcing trips. Some have already paid their low deposit of 247GBP. It will secure their place (note payment plan is available). SO if ready to go and you are invested in setting up already then do claim your spot on one of our trips today.

Don’t delay join our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips to Ghana and Kenya and lets build business that builds TRADE WITH AFRICA not AID FOR AFRICA.

And I look forward to hosting you in Africa with us this year.

With Love From Africa

Jacqueline Shaw

Your African Fashion Sourcing Consultant and Business Coach



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