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June 4th, 2015

Choolips – ‘at the heart of luxury’ – 13th June!

Choolips, known for its taste making and innovative create of artisanal collections applying ancient textile traditions and colour, is a made in Ghana label and is now offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences on luxury.

‘at the heart of luxury’ is not a workshop; it is an immersive experience designed to inspire new ways of thinking. On the 13th June you will be taken straight to what lies at the heart of luxury; a day of wonder and discovery to ignite your fires. There are only 20 places available!

You will be guided through the day by Annegret, Founder & Designer of Choolips and her cherry-picked ‘Wild Hearts’. The ‘Wild Hearts’ are inspiring and magnificent humans, innovators and professionals working across the arts & creative industries. One of their wild hearts is an alluring lady with far reaching talents. One of the many gems in her crown is playing a delectable character in ‘Drowned Man’, a Punchdrunk production. Punchdrunk have pioneered a game changing form of immersive theatre in which roaming audiences experience epic storytelling.

Having worked in fashion for the past 10yrs, I developed a deep desire to design the ultimate luxury where nothing goes to waste; a contribution to the architecture of our identities reaching far beyond style, an experience and beautiful memory to keep,’ says Annegret.

You will be eased into the day with a gentle and uplifting hour to help you pause the race of life. No phones, no internet. There will be great food from local businesses, beautiful tea and coffee, along with some delicious treats to fuel you throughout the day.

Hosted at the Choolips Studio, a unique space in the heart of Whitechapel, the top floor of a former leather factory; this spacious location is a warm welcoming environment. Exposed beams under a high gable roof, plenty of natural light and character really make it feel like you are nestled away in a different world away from fast life.

For more information please visit:

To purchase your ticket please visit:

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