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March 26th, 2020

Building Audience in the Corona Pandemic without being Salesy!

Feeling sensitive towards selling or even using social media during this season?

I totally get you! And this is why I shared some valuable tips with my facebook group this week and now with you my mailing list for this weeks Youtube video see below.

Ok so, real talk … a lot of us entrepreneurs and small business are doing business right now and this means we are still selling and promoting. Many like me have ridiculously low offers (for example my membership club theFAMILY is now just 1GBP for the first month and with the bonus of a free one to one session with me as a business audit for you – hurry and do click link here to join as it ends Friday)

Unfortunately many of us are experiencing abusive comments for simply putting out offers. And I totally get why. And yet I see both perspectives. Everyone is trying to stay afloat, to pay bills, to simply eat… yep even me too… I am not a big foodie but I like to eat.

So the truth is that I was not really in the mood to get any abuse so I was going to avoid talking about this BUT thought no, this is my responsibility to speak with my tribe 🙂 about this and be open and transparent and most of all…useful and supportive.

So let’s address this topic of the Covid19 pandemic… but in a positive light of building your business and your brand during a crisis.

I am talking audience building.

So earlier this week iI had posted a photo of a wax print mask in this group and it stirred many people to get in touch and to reply to my emails.


It will take you as a small business owner to be innovative and to be  out of the box thinkers. Plans and strategies have to change but do not need to be halted.


So instead of pulling out let’s make sure to look at new creative ways of doing business.


This is what one business is doing.. making masks from ankara waxprint…now I am not suggesting you do the same but that is their sales response. 


Now one of the biggest sales or businesses response you can make right now is audience building 


And here’s what you could be do.  So instead of pulling out all business actions take this time to increase your learnings and support.


5 ways to Build your Audience


Here are two of the ways – the rest you can learn on my youtube video here:


number 1: Posting on social media

Right now this key as you connect with your existing or a new audience. But do remember that the algorithms on social media today plus the need to know SEO these days, means that you rarely have your full audience see all your posts. Therefore I encourage you to do this through creating more videos, more stories and within using these methods you will be able to bring people into your life. Show them the behind the scenes of your work, reveal how the production of your product is down and where, and highlight the makers and the hand work. I use the hashtag #meethemanufacturers or #meetthemakers. You should do live videos too on facebook insta and youtube and speak with your audience whilst sharing insights. Note that with Instagram you need content that creates desire, one that makes the product desirable and overall illuminates their need for it whilst building the know, like and trust factor sharing knowledge and valuable insights.


number 3: go on other people’s podcast and YouTube channels

Do this as a way to share your knowledge, share your business and your products. You get to access a new market and get new followers and a new audience. This one is PRIME for any business and I highly recommend and support brands myself. For example my YouTube channel has a Fashion Africa Voices series where I interview different brands and they share insights from actually doing a fashion business made in africa. So go to my youtube channel, do subscribe and look for the playlist Fashion Africa Voices. There’s also trainings I do and a new video drops every Thursday so do subscribe and hit the bell to stay notified 

Now do head over to my youtube channel and watch today’s video “African Fashion: Building Audience in the Corona Pandemic”

You can access my other six trainings for the 7 days of business support, that this video stemmed from, inside my facebook group African Fashion Entrepreneurs with Jacqueline Shaw. Click pic for the link.

They include:


2-Sales tactics should you be selling

3-Marketing tools

4-Content and messaging

5-Sourcing in africa

6-Brand and image 

Look forward to seeing you in the community. Do come on in and say hello.. I will be waiting inside to greet you there.

With Love From Africa

Jacqueline Shaw

Your African Fashion Business Coach


image from brand @clothandcord



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